10 Ideas to Grow Your List

Here is a quick list of ideas that will help in growing your email or newsletter list. If you work on them consistently, you will see the result you really desire.

Grow Email List
1. Short Report: You don’t need to spend hours or days slaving over a report. Just a few meaty pages will provide satisfaction and whet their appetite for more of your content.

2. Checklists: People love having things simplified, and checklists are perfect for accomplishing this. For example, if you offer custom WordPress theme designs, you could put together a checklist that guides them through the installation process of adding a new theme to their blog.

3. Worksheet: These differ from checklists because they’re more interactive, and basically help you brainstorm through something.

For instance, if you provide services or information to business owners, you could put together a worksheet that will help them define who their target market is by asking a series of questions.

4. Software: You can hire someone to create basic software for you inexpensively, or you can purchase PLR versions of software. The idea is to help your subscribers automate some kind of process related to your niche. For example, software that allows them to answer a series of questions about their target market, and then it spits out the results.

5. Resources: Help your subscribers save their time by putting together a list of your “million dollar resources”. Who are your writers, designers, what websites do you frequent for information, etc?

6. Discounts/Coupons: Everyone loves saving money, and if they can save money on your products and services by signing up for your list, all the better. This also helps you get people on your list who plan to buy from you, and if they buy once, they’re more apt to buy again.

7. Templates: These can be actual website or wordpress templates, or simply a compilation of ready-made materials, such as forms or design plans.

8. Planner Sheets: There’s nothing like a plan to motivate you into action. Put together a monthly planning sheet to help your subscribers take action on something.

9. Free Product: If you have an information product, give away a full version copy to subscribers, or take part of it and condense it into a smaller version.

10. Interviews: Find a well-known expert in your niche and interview them, then provide the audio and transcript to those who subscribe to your mailing list. A written interview also works well for this.

I hope this helps?


If you don’t have a list yet, you can make use of Aweber. That is what I use and it is very effective.


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