10 Tips To Maximize The Value Of Your Guest Posts

Guest Posting is one of the major ways through which a blogger can increase backlinks and traffic to his/her blog. In addition to this, guest posting helps to increase authority and relationship with other bloggers in the same niche one belongs to. The benefits of guest posting are so numerous. I know this simply because I have guest posted for some big blogs in the past. I am still going to guest post for more.

Maximize The Value Of Your Guest Posts

So here are 10 tips you should use to maximize the value and the returns you get from guest posting on other people’s blog. This would increase your online business and also give you the opportunity of increasing your readers, visitors, clients etc so as to make more money.

So here are the tips…

1. Use Great Headline

You should spend a good amount of time coming up with a killer headline for your blog post. Headlines do most of the dirty work in determining how many people end up reading your post – so make sure you spend some time on it. For some examples of headlines that work, just look at publications with large readerships.

2. Tell a Story

The best way to demonstrate and persuade is through the use of story. Story is an extremely powerful tool – you can use it to show your audience your credibility and trustworthiness without telling them “hey, I’m credible and trustworthy”. Story is awesome because it drops people’s defenses, and allows you to persuade them without them resisting the whole time.

3. Write WELL

The easiest way to sabotage a guest posting opportunity is to write poorly. Make SURE that you have proper grammar, spell check everything, and really spend some time making sure everything sounds good and makes sense.

4. Write With Personality

Include your personality in your writing. If you’ve got a dry sense of humor, use it. The key here is to not be afraid to let your personality show through your writing. If your writing is tasteless and looks like everyone else’s stuff, you’re not going to stand out – and your blog post will not do as well.

5. Sell Yourself

By “sell yourself”, I don’t mean selling yourself like a prostitute. I mean demonstrate to your target readers that you are credible, trustworthy, and likable in all the guest post you write. Show the readers that you’re a good to be with. Let them know that having you in their lives will do them more good. You don’t have to directly inform them that you are interesting and successful. You should give readers reasons to associate with you with ANY content you write on your own blog and not just guest blog posts.

6. Link Back To Your Stuff
It’s silly to write a guest post without sending people to your blog to learn more about you. You should always have a direct response element in your guest blog posts – and that direct response is that they go to YOUR blog. The best way to do this is to link to relevant blog posts on your blog inside of your guest post. So if I’m talking about custom domains, I would link back to my blog post about custom domains somewhere in my guest post post (see what I did there?)g post.

7. Use Quora, Google Baraza or Yahoo Answers To Help Write

If you’re still struggling for writing ideas, you can use Yahoo Answers or Quora to find popular questions about the topic you’d like to write about. And then you can incorporate them, and answer the questions in your blog post.

8. Capture Clickthrough Traffic

Most blogs probably won’t let you link to a squeeze page after each blog post, however, they will almost always let you link back to your blog. If you want to make sure you grab that traffic while it’s coming through, make sure you have a lead capture like PopUpDomination on your blog. This is so you can at least capture a portion of the leads that come visit your site.

9. Respond To Reader Comments

If your post happens to get a lot of comments and questions, make sure to respond to them! Not only does interacting with your readers help build rapport between you and them, but the blog owner appreciates it when you’re there to help beyond just writing the post. The better experience you can provide for their readers, the better off you will be (and the more likely you’ll be able to do future blog posts).

10. Be Persistent

If Thomas Edison gave up after one try, would we even have lightbulbs? The point is, if your blog post doesn’t get accepted on a certain blog – it’s not the end of the world. Keep trying – keep writing good content, and keep submitting new stuff. Don’t spam blog owners or anything, but I promise you, persistence pays off.

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