How to Make More than 5 Euro Per Day with Your Google AdSense Ads

It is possible to start making more than £5 per day on the adsense ads displayed on your blog or website. To get this started, you will need to find high-paying niche markets. Please note: you should never click on the Adsense ads you display on your website or blog. You would be severely penalized if you do so.

Google-AdsenseIf you’ve already been marketing your blog with regular articles, you’re probably thinking “how am I going to drive enough traffic to a brand new website to make at least £5/day within a week?” Article marketing is effective, but most people who market with articles aren’t generating £5/day per site after only one week. Why? Because they aren’t targeting high-paying markets!!

What you should know before you can make 5 Euro Per Day with Your Google AdSense Ads

If you remember only one thing from this post; remember this: All Adsense clicks are not created equal! A click from an Adsense ad in most niches will earn you roughly 10-40 euros per click. However, there are some niches that will earn you £1, £2 even £3 or more for every single click your site generates! When you’re targeting a niche that pays £1 per click (for example) you only need 5 visitors who click your ad to earn your £5 for that day!

Let’s say your Adsense adverts maintain a 30% CTR (click through rate). With a 30% CTR you only need about 17 visitors a day to reach your goal of $5/day. 17 visitors a day in one week! Sound do-able? If you answered no to that question do yourself a favor and go get a job :) That may sound harsh, but 17 visitors a day within a week shouldn’t scare ANYONE off, so if that sounds like something you don’t believe you can do then I’m afraid your chances of making any money online are slim to none! However, I don’t believe that is what your answer was.

How Do I Find These High Paying Niches for my Google Adsense

There are a few niches that are known to pay very well like the mortgage niche, loans, credit etc. but it’s always good to venture out and find other niches as well. You can find these niches on Google.

If the market you are searching for is high-paying or not. When you go to SpyFu, you’ll be greeted with a simple search box, much like other Search Engines. In the search box you will simply type in the major market you are thinking about targeting I.e. Mortgage, acne etc. Once you type in your keyword or phrase you will be shown a bunch of different data. In the date, you will see something like estimated number of advertisers, search results, cost/click etc. The only thing you are concerned with is the cost/click. If advertisers are paying a lot of money per click, then Adsense publishers will more than likely be getting paid higher than normal! Your aim is to find markets that return Cost Per Click with a minimum of $1.

So, to get started, start doing searches for related keywords in the niche market you’re interested in targeting. Or take a look at the top 100 list, which shows 100 of the most profitable markets out there! Once you find a main market to target you’re good to go! It doesn’t really matter what market you target. Obviously the more well-known the market is the more competition you’re going to have, so any time you can come up with a niche in a lesser known market that’s a good thing. But don’t think that just because a market is well-known, it’s not profitable! Even saturated markets like debt, credit and mortgage have loads of long-tail phrases with low competition.

Also, you should use a keyword tool called ‘Google’s Keyword tool’ . The tools gives you keywords that are related to what you search for using SpyFu. To get this done, insert the keyword or phrase you came up with at SpyFu into the search and then search for the keyword.

What you need to do next after finding high paying keyword related to your search is;

1. Choose a good keyword from the list and register it as your website/blog’s (domain) name.

2. Register and Get a web hosting account with a good web hosting company. I recommend Web4Africa

3. Set up your blog using WordPress. If you don’t know how to do this, I can help you out.

4. Start posting relevant articles related to your domain name and chosen keywords. You need to make this regular.

5. If you don’t know anything about the niche you have chosen, you can hire ghost writers or guest bloggers who knows more about the niche to write for your blog. You can also get Private Label Rights (PLR) articles related to the niche from different sites that offers PLR article.

6. Build a Business and not just a blog!

Go get to work. If you need any help or further correspondence, simply make them available using the comment box further below. I will reply you as soon as possible.


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