5 Reasons Why Bloggers Fail in Blogging Business

It is not every blogger that becomes successful in what they do. Don’t be deceived. As there is a great probability that you would become a successful blogger so also there is a great probability that you would become a failure. The choice is yours. If your goal is to become a successful blogger then you need to know and avoid these 5 reasons that makes bloggers a failure.

Since success as a professional blogger is the goal, let’s look at the reasons why blogger fail.

1. Laziness.

BlogLaziness is a common issue. You’ve got to be an action taker. That goes for almost anything, not just problogging.

2. wrong motivation.

If you begin blogging just for the cash, you’re going to fail. You’ve got to have a passion and love for your market. You’ve got to truly care about your audience, your material. You’ve got to ENJOY writing and interacting with people. If money is your only goal, this just isn’t going to work for you.

3. Faking it.

Don’t do that! Don’t blog about something which you don’t really know. Don’t make the mistake of going into the “make money online” market unless you are a model of success. You will have ZERO credibility if you start trying to teach others how to make money when you yourself aren’t making much. Credibility and, hence, authority is VERY important in your marketing. Be the real deal.

4. Blogging in a Bad Niche.

Market selection is pretty important. If you are sitting there in a bad market trying to make money, you just might be screwed. Remember, competition is GOOD. If literally nobody is on the internet discussing your topic, that’s probably a good indicator that nobody cares and you’re not going to make any money.

5. Lack of Focus.

Don’t try to duplicate one thing in several other different niches using multiple blogs. You will spread yourself too thin and none of them will succeed. Blogging is real work and you need to maintain focus on one blog in order to build it up properly. Your job is not to make these common mistakes. Your job is to TAKE ACTION. Focus is the key here. Don’t loose focus and when you still have it, let it be on one blog first and then others will follow.

At this point, if you are a victim of these reasons, it’s not too late to change your course. Be hard working. Have the right motivation. Don’t try to give what you don’t have, blog in a great niche and have lots of focus. My desire is that you would avoid these reasons why bloggers fail in blogging business.


Originally posted 2011-07-07 19:00:05.