5 Types of Cheap Web Traffic Sources You Can Afford

While some people would argue that all you would need is free traffic. There are still times when paid traffic might produce a better and faster result.. Which is why paid traffic is still a big concern for business owners especially if they do not have a big budget for it. Cheap web traffic is sought after by online businesses of all sizes. If your budget is small or nonexistent, you can’t afford to spend much money on traffic.

Companies with large budgets may be able to afford the most expensive types of advertising, but still appreciate the savings that come with cheap web traffic. After all, without traffic, a website cannot be successful and earn money. Here are some sources of cheap web traffic you may want to consider.

1.Viral marketing
This is ideal because your customers or viewers do the advertising for you. For example, you may pay to have a funny or cute video made that then goes viral or gets passed around among internet viewers. You can get a stampede of traffic in a very short time if your video, article, or blog post goes viral. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to create viral content as you just never know for sure what will take off and spread. In terms of return on investment, viral marketing has to be the top form of cheap web traffic.

2.Article Marketing
boost-blog-trafficTraffic from article marketing is also fairly inexpensive. If you write the articles yourself (original contents), it only takes and investment of time. If you outsource the articles, you’ll have to pay the writers but it is just a one time fee and not an ongoing expense like pay per click. Once in place, the articles can attract traffic for months or years to come.

3.Blog Commenting
Done right, blog commenting can be a good source of cheap web traffic. You can hire someone to make blog comments and leave your link. This will build backlinks to your website and draw in more visitors. Be careful that you or your contracted workers don’t spam the blogs or the whole thing will backfire on you.

4.Forum Signatures
Forum signatures are a form of free advertising. This does require an investment of time on your part because you have to visit and post on the blogs regularly in order to be taken seriously. When you are a respected member of a forum community and have a signature link that is related to the topic of the forum, you can attract quite a few targeted visitors to your site.

5.Email Signatures
In the same way, an email signature can bring you traffic, especially if you use email quite a bit to communicate with fellow people in your niche.

You don’t really need a big budget to advertise on the internet. Some people get all the traffic they need without paying anything at all. However, if you don’t pay cash upfront, you’ll usually have to pay in time and effort instead. Paid traffic can bring nearly instant results, while free traffic tends to build gradually over time. Paid web traffic is the best of both worlds; it doesn’t bust the bank, and it can bring results more quickly than trying to do everything yourself for free!


Originally posted 2011-08-15 19:00:13.

  • https://www.abodebusinessonline.com Ikoi Abode Ikenna

    Nice blog post. Actually using this methods, it proves to work

  • https://www.tophealthtalk.com Mark Irabor

    Thanks for this post which is very enticing. It’s said that money is in the list and you cannot get list without traffic. I’ll be willing to pay for traffic if only am sure it will yield good ROI

    • https://www.adesojiadegbulu.com Adesoji Adegbulu

      Hi Mark, paid traffic will yield good result if what you are advertising is really what your target market wants. You’ll need to work at that

  • https://www.tophealthtalk.com Mark Irabor

    Thanks for this informative post. I think I’ll try my hands on free traffic first and then paid traffic to confirm which one is the better.

    • https://www.adesojiadegbulu.com Adesoji

      Ok Mark. Let me know how it goes