7 Facebook Income Streams: How I Really Make Money On Facebook

It’s no news that making money online through Facebook is real. At least, I make money from Facebook too. Sometimes I see so many people on Facebook doing what they know how to do best. The truth is, Facebook is a social network where you connect with your friends. Now answer this, how does Facebook itself makes money for it’s owners? Don’t look too far. Facebook makes so much money everyday. You too can if only you read through this information and then go ahead and apply what you will find out below.

This post is a revelation of how I really make money on Facebook. It will interest you to know that at the moment of writing this post, I just got a sale from someone I met on Facebook few days ago. Anyway, it was online business that brought us together. In addition to that, I am a network marketer and I get most of my leads and conversion from Facebook. That’s a secret I just revealed to you.


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