The 7 Step Process to Start Making Money Online in Nigeria

Making money online is easy when you know how to go about it. Money looks for those who are producing a product or rendering a service. To make money online or anywhere, you MUST have a product or a service that you are selling – whether it is yours or for other people. If you can’t do this, you are not ready to make money online. If you can do this, then read on.

In basic business studies, we were told that the factors of production (to produce a product or a service) are Land, Capital, Salary and Entrepreneurship. It is easy to get land, capital and salary. The major work lies in Entrepreneurship. To make money online, you need a land. This can be a website, a sales page, a forum/membership site or a blog. It is easy to get this. Make Money Online Nigeria can help you get this done with the Cheap WordPress Blog setup. Capital also is quite easy because you don’t need all the money to start making money online in Nigeria. You need a little I can teach you to use effectively. The most important part is ‘Entrepreneurship’. Fortunately for you, we will be showing you the 7 entrepreneurial step you should take to start making money online in Nigeria.

Process to Start Making Money Online in Nigeria

Step 1. Market Research
Who are you targeting? What are you going to offer your targets? Why will they buy from you?

Step 2. Income Streams
How do you want to make incomes? Pay Per Click. Pay Per Lead. Pay Per Sale. Affiliating Ad Sales, selling products, offering services etc

Step 3. Products
How do you intend to meet the needs of your target? This can be an information product which is either digital/physical, audio, video or text. You can create yours.

Step 4. Lead Generation
Generate recurrent leads for your products and services using an opt-in form in your blog, landing pages etc . Give an irresistible one time offer where your optin form is located. This will bring you more leads. Your target market will be willing to give their e-mail address in order to get that irresistible offer. Use the opt-in form and the irresistible offer to build the email list of your clients. To generate leads, you can give one or more of the following where your opt-in form is located – Free Report, Free Audio Free Software, Free Membership, Free Preview, Free Sample, Free Chapter, Free CD/DVD, Free Chapter of your report etc

Step 5. Traffic Generation
Buy Traffic. Borrow Traffic, Redirect Traffic. Do all you can do to get GOOD traffic to your land – blog/website/sales page/opt-in page etc. Get traffic from social networking sites, article directories, blogs, forums, classified ads, press release, search engine, Pay Per Click, banner ADS, podcasts, et all etc; Getting traffic your site will result in more money for you. If you need just 3 sales of your product daily, make sure you get at least 300 new visitors to your sales page daily. It is possible to accomplish, just keep driving traffic with your quality content, great headlines, search engine optimization and social media optimization.

Step 6: Automation
When your traffic begins to grow and also your online business begins to get you more money, you will need to automate the system behind your website. This is because you have not created another job but a system. With this, you can continue to earn money even when you are not on your website. Automating your website will make you have the time to sleep, travel, play even while your online business is still working. You need to incorporate tools such as; Online Payment Processor, GetResponse, Customer Service/Support, Lead Generation and Follow Up, Product Delivery, 1ShoppingCart, Aweber

Step 7. Acceleration
Now, after successfully automating your online business, you need to accelerate the process of making money online. This you can do by giving One Time offers; Second Chance offers; Last Chance offers; Limited time offer; Bonus offer; Special offer; Thank you offer. All these offers will accelerate your product sales. You can also accelerate your making money online if you successfully innovate on your existing product or service. You can add more efficiency to your product or services by making another version that comes with more benefit.

Finally, follow the step processes as they are listed. You have set yourself on the lane to start making money online in Nigeria. If you want the full description of all the process above, you will need to be a subscriber to this blog using the links on the sidebar or read the important info further below. This is because we will be revealing them all in the course of the days ahead.


  • chukwuka

    Nice one! as if you read the minds of your readers. i’ve been expecting to read some stuffs like this before i got the notice. you talked about buying traffic to your blog. how does that work? besides, does one need to attempt all this traffic generating techniques you mentioned before one start seeing results?
    I would like to know the best autoresponder service that equally has sms platform.

    • Adesoji

      Good one. I have written this before, I just had to republish it. About buying traffic, you can do that by paying for ads to your blog via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google AdWords, online newspapers and blogs which are related to what you are offering on your blog. Also, the good thing is that you can attempt all the traffic methods and then find out which ones really works for you. There is no “best” autoresponder service, you just need to find the one that is affordable for your onine business. You can check out for that

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  • Chadrack

    Well said. Making money online is not different from running a business offline. The principles are the same only the methods and strategies varies a little.

    • maven

      Yeap. A business is a business. Thanks for your comment.