Make 70% Revenue Share with IntentClick Contextual Ad Service

It’s been over three years since I started making money with different ads service. Since that time, I have found a number of alternative ways to monetize my blogs’ content. I’m always on the lookout for more ad services that I can use to squeeze more profits from my blogs. I came across one and decided to share it with you all. With this ad service, you can make more profit from your blog

Here is a picture of the first income I received one month after using the ad service on this blog. I made $88.60.

IntentClick Income

The new adservice is called IntentClick and powered by Kontera Technologies. This is a new contextual ad service which I highly recommend looking into if you have a blog that meets their criteria. This is because you will be making a 70% revenue share if you do what you need to do effectively. How does 70% revenue sharing and guaranteed $5 CPM for the first month sound?

Yeah, pretty good. I thought so as well.

Now before you apply, please note that IntentClick is looking for very specific web publishers. To get approved for the Intentclick Network, you MUST meet all the requirements of being a Intentclick publisher. Below are the basic requirements…

1. Websites/blogs need to be related to either Save Money topics (Frugal lifestyle, Coupons, Daily Deals, etc…) or Better Income topics (Online Opportunities, work from home, trading, claiming your rights etc….)

2. Intentclick is a Kontera network and therefore publishers who ran with Kontera needs to register with intentclick with another email address.

If you meet the requirement above, you should go right now and sign up with INTENTClick as a publisher. You can also make some serious money as an affiliate. This means you would be making money for displaying INTENTClick ads on your blog and you will also be making money online referring people to sign up with INTENTCLick.

If this sounds good to you, go ahead now and sign up with INTENTClick as a publisher and as an affiliate. Remember, INTENTClick is approving only qualified applicants. Please be sure you match their criteria before applying for the program.

You will get a reply from the ad service if you application is approved. You will also be sent further details on what you need to do to add the contextual ads on your blog.

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