Deadly Mistakes Internet Marketing Newbies Make

Are you a newbie? This is an article you should read and apply. Reading through to the end and then making the required changes will help you a great deal. It is very sure you will fall into these mistakes as a newbie but you have an advantage. This would help you know what the deadly mistakes are and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: They Settle For Free Hosting and Avoid Getting A Domain Name

Almost all newbies end up doing this. Cutting costs is smart, but cutting them in the wrong places can simply be deadly for your fledgling business. If you are building a blog, you can continue using the free hosting but if you are building a business, you need to get a paid hosting and a domain name.

Let me ask, what if that free hosting fails or if they discontinue that particular service, then you have to find a new domain name, which means that all of your efforts were a complete waste of time. Getting free hosting can have similarly disastrous results. While it is “cheap,” it is almost always bad, too. You will probably have to host advertisements for which you will receive no revenue. In addition, adding a graphic header, a picture, or a flash presentation to your free site will make it load very very slowly.

So what options are you left with? Clearly you won’t want to start by purchasing a dedicated server; that’s unnecessarily expensive. However, at a minimum, you will want to purchase a domain name – which you can get cheap – and you will also want to purchase a low cost hosting service. You can should get a domain name and web hosting.

Mistake #2: They Don’t Bother to Study Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of inducing a “most wanted response” through carefully constructed writings. Many people do not realize this, but good copywriting employs principles of both psychology and marketing. If you want to have a high visitor-to-action ratio – whether that action is buying a product or opting-in to your list – you will have to revise your copy to the point at which it is most effective.

This normally will require several revisions – and will always require you to integrate principles of copywriting. Many newbies set themselves up for disaster by creating a low-conversion sales page and then spending hundreds of dollars to promote it. Just think of the difference between a 1% conversion rate and a 2% conversion rate; that’s twice as many sales – and could easily be the difference between praise-worthy success and miserable failure.
Of course, if you’re too busy to learn how to employ the principles of copywriting, you can always take the alternate route, which is to pay a copywriter to do the work for you; however, if you look at the average price of a relatively good copywriter (which is almost always in the thousands), you might be convinced to do otherwise.

Mistake #3: They Don’t Grow A List Of Subscribers

If you don’t build a list of subscribers, you are generally limited to direct sales, which usually have very low conversion rates, even when your advertising is extremely targeted and your copy is top-notch. The average conversion rate for direct sales is usually lower than 1%, but varies from industry to industry. One reason why building a list of subscribers is so effective is because you can allow them to join for free, give them free newsletter issues or products to strengthen their loyalty – and then slowly and repeatedly make your product pitch.

Almost all authority sources on sales and marketing will tell you that the percentage of closed sales increases as the number of contact sessions increases. Each time you send out an email, you are increasing your chances of closing a sale, even if you aren’t making a pitch. In fact, newsletters without pitches will likely have higher conversion rates when they do make a sales pitch. The bottom-line is simple: if you aren’t making an attempt to create a list of subscribers, your only hope is to make one-time sales. Once you miss that opportunity, you may never see that visitor again — and he could have potentially subscribed and made multiple purchases from you.

Mistake #4: They Always Join the Hottest Opportunity Available

This dangerous habit results in more failure and bankruptcy than most other poor self-employment decisions. Rather than working to create an effective business model, most Internet marketing newbies will be constantly pulled in three different directions by the latest product releases.

For example, one will tell them that selling physical products is the best way to make money. Another program will expose how blogging and using affiliate programs is a goldmine. And yet another report says that AdSense and natural search engine traffic is the only viable business model. Which of these is right? To the newbie (and in reality), each of them is right… and each of them fails, since the newbie buys all three and ends up moving in three different, non-beneficial directions.

The result is a complete disaster and a failure to generate any revenue whatsoever. How can you avoid making this mistake without limiting your ability to innovate and to learn? This is definitely something you learn how to manage better over time, but the best way in which you can begin doing this is through goal-setting and commitment. Whenever you create a business plan, peg it to a specific goal (i.e., 3000 new subscribers in the next year), and then break it down into objectives. If you fail to reach your objectives, then alter them to more realistically reflect your final goal. If your final goal starts to look unrealistic, revise that, too. Drill this into your head: If you don’t get good at something, you wont ever succeed. And jumping around from opportunity to opportunity is a good way to guarantee that you’ll never get good at anything.

Mistake #5: They Waste Countless Hours Doing Stupid Things with Traffic Exchanges and Safelists.

This is another major mistake newbie Internet marketers make almost without exception: they’ll join safelists and bomb them with every offer they’ve been exposed to, including ridiculous marketing schemes that yell scam. Another big mistake almost all newbie Internet marketers will make is joining traffic exchanges – and then spending every waking hour slamming their mouses to earn points through some outrageous system. The truth is, I’ve been there done that and I conclude that traffic exchanges don’t work.

Mistake #6: They Promote a Product as an Affiliate and Send Traffic to the Affiliate Page, Rather than to their OWN Lead Capture Page.

They find an affiliate program – and then send traffic to it, rather than to an opt-in page (lead capture page) on their own site or blogs. The biggest problem with sending traffic to an affiliate page – or even the main page of your website — rather than to a lead capture page on your own site or blog is that you are relying on direct sales methods, when you could be using follow-up series that will radically increase your conversion rate.
Another problem with sending traffic directly to the affiliate’s program homepage is that you are spending your money and time to generate leads for other businesses, when you could be doing it for your own. Why attempt to sell someone else’s product directly to a lead you paid for, when you could get that lead to become YOUR subscriber instead, which would allow you to make that same pitch in addition to dozens of others down the road?

Mistake #7: They Fall for “Guaranteed Traffic” Scams

It’s hard not to fall for one of those “1,000,000 hits for $97″ scams, but yes, most are scams – and they will not help you. With that being said, almost everyone falls for them once. In the cases where you actually do receive traffic from these scams, it is almost always complete garbage. The people being redirected to your site are sent there by some sketchy pop-under that they always close before your site even loads.

Plus, in most cases these visitors wont even be able to read English – not because they never learned it – but because they’re not human beings at all; they’re robots! That’s right: some of these “guaranteed traffic” scams actually just slam your site with robotic spiders that crawl your pages and register as “hits” – and there you have it: robotic spiders crawling all over your website for only $97.

Whatever form of guaranteed traffic you buy – they all have one thing in common: they produce no results whatsoever. You wont ever earn a penny with these programs, so don’t even bother. The only way you can get traffic is using normal methods that guarantees you targeted traffic from human beings. These are article marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, paid adverts on high traffic blogs et all.

Mistake #8: They Never Consider the Possibility of Creating Their Own Products.

While many experienced Internet marketers make money selling affiliate products – especially with the high-end releases, almost all of the successful ones sell their own products too. Here are just two of the reasons why not selling your own products is a huge miscalculation:

1. Most affiliate products only offer a commission of 50% or less.
2. The biggest problem with not creating your own products is that you cannot use them for joint ventures.

What you wont hear in most traffic generation courses is that successful Internet marketers almost always generate traffic for successful product launches with joint ventures – not through pay-per-click campaigns or search engine optimization methods. They do this because joint ventures are the fastest, cheapest, and most effective way to generate sales or opt-ins. In order to actually have a successful joint venture, however, you must also have a good product (that is your own) and a good sales page with an opt-in form and a follow-up series (as we already discussed).

Now that you have seen the mistakes and how to avoid them, our desire is that you put what you have learned into practice. Doing this would help you get better and start achieving what pro internet marketers achieve. Also, if you love what you have just read, our desire is that you share this with fellow newbie internet marketers.
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Originally posted 2011-05-28 13:00:13.