VIDEOS: A2W Club 2 Explained

Welcome to A2W Club 2. To become a member of our incredible A2W Club 2, you must be an active A2W Distributor and then upgrade into Club 2. To become an active A2W distributor, please go to A2W Global Club, choose your country and register with a service/product. For Nigerians, you can make purchase any of the products/services by following the steps on the A2W Nigeria’s page.

A2W Club 2 Package inclusions:

- A2WPress Website Pack
club2_logoA2W is offering it’s distributors their own personal customizable websites! You can now get 3 websites, valued at $500 for a token of $150. This gives you 3 websites and 1 domain paid for already. These websites come with the possibility of adding widgets that allow you to have your travel website on your site, your retail affiliate distributorship shopping cart and any other business you want to showcase. This means you can have your entire business profile integrated on one site. It also comes social media friendly and already integrated. You also have an e-commerce segment that allows you to collect cash – this takes the value to over $1,500. You also get “do it yourself” videos in your back office worth $1,500

- 1 x FREE entry into Club2 Binary
- 1 x FREE entry into Club2 Bonus System

Cost of these = $150 or N27,000

Watch the videos below to understand more about A2W Club 2

Club 2 Overview

Club 2 Short Overview

Club 2 Product

A2W Binary Rewards. . . How it Works

Club 2 Binary Rewards. . . How it Works

Club 2 Bonus Rewards. . . How it Works

Club 2 Pre-Launch Strategy

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