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A2W End of Year Promo is ON!!!

You can get an Economy Pack (a 50PV Privilege Pack) for 1 full year with CUG and Don Failla’s 45 Second Presentation for N30,000. ($175) with the A2W End of year promo. This gives you the opportunity to become a member of A2W at a cheaper price for 1 full year.

What will the A2W end of year promo give you?

The Economy Pack is a Privilege Pack + 10 Bonus Gifts + CUG + Don Failla Book with a PV Value of 50 and costs $175 or N30,000.

Package Inclusion: Exclusive access to a Privilege Pack for 1yr:

- 240 eBooks
- Search Portals for Hotels
- Numerous Discounted Short Stay offers
- A choice of 1 complimentary travel offer out of 14, once you attain the rank of Gold
- Access to Financial Intelligence Information Webinars
- Access to Distributorship Discounts on other A2W Products
- Access to Discounted Health Care Services in India
- Huge Savings of $750 in Accessing ATM – an opportunity usually only available to the rich
- Business pack: Business Tracking Centre, Personalized Website, Online marketing tools and access to other extra income opportunities.

The following Bonus Gifts worth over $250 will be available as a download via your Privilege Pack area.

- Personal Productivity Power
- Time Management and Motivation
- Time Management and Goals
- Time Management Tools
- The 5th Wave Social Media Onslaught
- Social Sites Simplified
- Social Media Plan Of Attack
- The Next Social Network
- Top Twitter Techniques
- Serious MLM Mistakes
- CUG (inclusive of 1 months subscription)

The CUG is a SIM we have access to from Globacomm owners of the GLO Network. With this SIM, you can call other distributors who have the GLO CUG FREE. All you need to do is pay a monthly subscription of N800 per month and you have access to unlimited talk time and FREE SMS to all distributors with the same CUG. You can also buy for your family, or your team to always stay in touch. In A2W it’s not how much airtime we have that determines for how long we talk, it’s the Battery Life of our phones.

To make use of the A2W end of year promo while it lasts, please do these;

1. Register for A2W Promo here if you are interested. Make sure you choose “Nigeria” on the select your country page.

2. While registering, choose Service/Product should be “Economy Pack + 10 Bonus Gifts + GLO CUG Pack”

3. Agree and confirm your resgistration. Then click on Submit details to proceed to payment

And please send me a mail containing your A2W username, email address and phone number to [email protected] after you complete your registeration. I’ll reply. Also, let me know when you need assistance with this.

Get started today or this week. The promo is not forever!


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