A2W: FREE Product and New International Website

From Monday, 17th of June, 2013 every purchase of full Privilege Pack comes with a FREE Product! The Privilege Pack and free product available will depend on the country you reside in, and will be available until the end of August, 2013. In addition to this, A2W international announces a new and captivating website.

What Free Product would you get?
If you make a purchase of the full privilege pack, from the countries listed below, you will get the free product depending on your country.

Nigeria – Ghana – Cameroon – Benin – South Africa: Full Privilege Pack priced at USD350 and includes a FREE OVEN

India: Full Privilege Pack priced at USD295 and includes a FREE REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER PURIFIER

Global (Countries not listed above): Full Privilege Pack priced at USD350 and includes 20 MOTIVATIONAL AUDIO’S

For the period of the promotion (17th June through 31st August, 2013) you would be able to get the free products if you make a purchase of a full privilege pack within the period.

Website Evolution!
On Monday we changed from www.avenuestowealth.com to www.a2wglobal.com

Change is an important part of evolution and A2W is evolving to something bigger, better and more global! We are proud to bring you A2WGlobal. This change will bring many benefits. The new domain gives A2W a true global appeal. It will provide members and prospects with a more user friendly search and email domain name, as well as a shorter URL for business cards and marketing!

If you are already a distributor, you will find that your current personal A2W URL will forward to the new a2wglobal website. Please start replacing the previous URL with the new one on your promotional materials.

A2W has only just begun! You can join us today. To join us right away, please read 3 Steps to Coming on board A2W this Month