A2W Nigeria Estate 1 has been Launched!

Disturbed by the huge housing gap in the country, Avenue to Wealth (A2W), owner of A2W Nigeria Estates, has decided to contribute its quota towards curbing the rising number of the un-housed in Nigeria. The mini-estate, which is the first-of-its-kind in a serene neighbourhood, was recently launched to home buyers and savvy investors.

A2W Nigeria Estate is situated at the Iju Shaga area of Lagos, the mini estate comprises four units of tastefully furnished three bedroom apartments and four units of studio apartments, all embedded in a compact unit. “The three bedroom flat, which comes with three bathrooms, a fitted kitchen and interior fittings, sells for 15 million on outright payment,” said Busayo Akanro, managing director, A2W Estates.

“The studio apartment sells for N3.4 million on outright payment and comes with a kitchen and a bath,” he added. Continuing, he said, “this is our first step towards providing housing solutions to Nigerians as we aim to provide 1 million homes in the next five years. “The second housing project is 80 percent done and will be unveiled in the next few months, while the third and fourth are taking off soon in New Oko-Oba and Ogba areas of Lagos,” he said.

Explaining the reason for building the mini estate as a compact unit, he said the need for space management was essential, even as Nigeria strive to bridge its worrisome housing deficit. “More studio apartments will be built for the younger generation who can afford and utilise them effectively, while bigger apartments should be built for bigger families who can equally afford and utilise the spaces that come with these apartments effectively,” he added.

According to Adeolu Akinyemi, the company’s group managing director, the vision of the company is to become one of the top five and a force to reckon with in the provision of affordable housing solutions to Nigerians, as the firm’s goal is to develop housing units in every city across Nigeria eventually. “We plan to cover all areas in Lagos and make visible housing impact in other states of the federation in the next five years, building at least 1 million classic homes and reduce significantly the number of the un-housed in Nigeria,” he said.


How to get the A2W Nigeria Estate

A2W Nigeria Estate 1 has been launched. A2W becomes the first Network Marketing company in Nigeria to Launch an Estate. Our goal is 1 million housing units and we must become a force to reckon with in provision of affordable classy housing. If you want to become one of the owners of homes, the surest and easiest route is to join the A2W Cooperative Multipurpose Society and start saving towards it. This is if you are already a member. If you are not, you need to come on board A2W as soon as possible then join the cooperative.

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