A2W Special Offer – Limited Time!

This is to let you about the A2W special offer which will be available for a limited time. I got the notice from A2W MD for West Africa. I am making it available for you so you can make good use of it. If you are yet to join us on A2W, this special offer is what you should take before it is over. If I am not a member already, I will take up this offer because I have nothing to lose except to gain even more.

Avenues to WealthPlease note the following promotions are currently available and some of them attract even extra reward. The extra reward is for people who are already members of Avenues to Wealth (A2W). This simply means that, if you make use of any of these A2W special offers, you can also get people to buy the special offers through you and make even more money.


Here are the A2W Special Offer which are available for a limited time.

Each of these promotions have the capacity to make you millions, if you understand how to build your business. Do you?

Promo 1 _ Full Privilege Pack + A2W Healthy Oven + Carton of Gas Regulators = N140,000 (plus Free 7″ Verizon Tab 3 for upline) (Courier is additional N3,000)

Promo 2 – Full Privilege Pack + A2W Healthy Oven = N65,000 (You can add N80,000 to this within 4 weeks and lock down = A Carton of Gas Regulators + 7″ Verizon Tab 3)

Promo 3 -Networkers Delight. Premium Bronze Pack + A2W Healthy Oven = N150,000 (You can add 80,000 or multiples to this within 4 weeks and lock down = A Carton of Gas Regulators + 7″ Verizon Tab 3 or multiples of the two)

Please note, the Tab 3, (7″) can be Children’s, Customized or the Regular Tab 3 (7″).

These promos are active till stocks are exhausted, and will be reviewed within 2 week maximum. So make the most of the promos NOW! Also, note that you can now chose the particular package you want at the point of registering for a new distributor/member of A2W. It can either be a Privilege Pack or Premium Business Pack category.

To make use of this A2W special offer, please do the following.

- Register to become a member of A2W by registering for the A2W promo. Make sure you select your country and click “Go”.

- On the registration page, you will see that Your Sponsor’s Username is maven and Your Sponsor’s Name is Adesoji Adegbulu. If you see anything different, please let me know before you continue registration. If you see exactly what I stated earlier, then go ahead to the next thing to do.

- On the registration page, fill in all the required details appropriately. On the “*Service/Product”, choose the service/product you want to make purchase of.

- Check/Mark
I AGREE to and ACCEPT the TermsConditions.
Yes I CONFIRM that Adesoji Adegbulu (maven) is My Sponsor
Yes I understand that my placement in the A2W genealogy structure cannot be changed once payment has been processed.

- Fill in the security code and Submit details.

- Follow the next process to make payments, complete you registration and have access to what you paid for.

I’ll communicate with you as soon as I confirm that you have chosen me as your sponsor. If you have any question about this and the process of completing your registration for this promo, please send me a mail via adesoji AT adegbulu AT gmail DOT com to get a response from me.


Originally posted 2013-09-05 16:06:20.

  • https://www.emmanuelayeni.com Emmanuel Ayeni

    NIce one share, thanks for sharing A2W club 2 amazing offers

    • https://www.adesojiadegbulu.com Adesoji

      Hi Emmanuel, these limited time offers are not for A2W club 2. You can make use of any of these offers and it becomes easier to get access to the club 2. I’ll share the offer for Club 2 as soon as we launch it for non-members.