How to Add FeedBurner Email Subscription to your Blog

One of the cheapest way you can offer subscription means to your blog visitors is to use the subscription service provided by Feedburner. If you have a GMail account or any other account, you can go ahead to and get a feedburner account. If you already have a feedburner account, follow the steps below to easily add feedburner email Subscription to your typepad, blogger blog and wordPress blog.

To start with…

What is FeedBurner Email?

feedburnerFeedBurner email is a service that allows publishers to deliver their feed content to subscribers via email.

How does it work?

From within the Publicize tab of the application, publishers activate the service with a simple click, then paste code into their blogging template or website. A daily digest containing new content from the feeds is delivered to subscribers who have opted in to receive this content.

What are the specific features?
Subscription management

* View and sort the list
* Activate, deactivate, and delete individual email addresses
* Export your list in Excel or CSV format
* Receive an optional email when people unsubscribe

Communication preferences

* Customize the subject line and body text of the email that is sent to subscribers after they opt in to receive your feed by email. This can come in handy if you want to localize the email.
* IMPORTANT NOTE: Emails are text only and the original ${confirmlink} reference must be included in your confirmation email in order to activate the subscription.

Email Branding

* Customize the subject line and title of the email that is sent to your subscribers
* Add a custom logo that appears at the top of HTML email messages
* Change body and headline text fonts, sizes, and color as well as the color of the links

Delivery Options

* Choose your time zone
* Select a two-hour delivery window within which your daily digest will be sent

How much does this service cost and what methods of payment are accepted?

FeedBurner Email is a free service. However, we do accept voluntary payment in the form of props and general goodwill.

How do you get started?

Sign in to your FeedBurner account, select your feed, navigate to the Publicize tab and select “Email Subscriptions.”

How to Add FeedBurner Email Subscription to TypePad and Blogger blog

Once you have activated FeedBurner’s Email Subscriptions service for your feed, you can easily incorporate the code to display a subscription form (or link) on your blog.

To most easily add the form or link to your site, look for the following menu below the subscription form or link code box on the Email Subscriptions setup form for your feed:


Choose Blogger or TypePad, then click Go, and you will be taken to the appropriate site to complete the code widget installation process automatically.


Note: This widget feature will only work properly if you are using a standard Blogger Layout with your Blogger blog, or are using Standard Templates (not Advanced Templates) with TypePad. In both of those cases, you must manually edit your template code to insert the subscription link or form code FeedBurner provides you.

How to Add FeedBurner Email Subscription to WordPress blog ( or self-hosted)

FeedBurner also offers our Email Subscription service, which uses your feed to send an update once each day that you make new post(s) to your blog. If you want to offer a link to subscribe to these email updates to your readers, visit and activate the Email Subscriptions service on the Publicize tab for your feed. Then, copy the “Subscription Link” code we offer into your blog as a “Text” widget under Presentation > Widgets in the WordPress Dashboard for your site.


Originally posted 2011-03-07 19:00:27.