How To Get A US Address And Start Receiving Your Affiliate Cheques In Nigeria

Affiliate marketing works only if you know how to go about it. It starts with finding a good product/service to market on affiliate networks like Clickbank, commission junction and lots more and getting an affiliate URL specified for you. After which you do reviews on the product/service on your blog, forum or groups and then market them effectively on Facebook, twitter, Google et all.

After you do these successfully, you then start to earn from the products/services you are an affiliate of. Most of them pays you based on the sales you generated from your unique affiliate URL. For more on affiliate marketing, read our previous posts and also subscribe with us so you can get more updates delivered to you.

So, How Do I Have access to the payment once I start earning from Affiliate Networks?

To have access to the payments in form of cheques/checks, please follow the steps outlined below;


1. Sign Up For A Free Personal Account With Graphcard.

First you need to sign up with them, choose your country and the account type (Personal), complete the rest of the form by following the instructions carefully.


2. Getting Your US Address


This is not free, Graphcard charges for any month you make use of your personalized US address to receive your affiliate cheques. To set this up, you;ll need like $5 for the setup, and another $4.99 for your first month. Adding this together makes $9.99 (N 1, 600) which you can easily afford. To do this, you would need to fund your graphcard account.


3. Funding Your Graphcard Account With VTN


Before you can request for a virtual US address, you need to have some funds in your account for the processing, and the simplest way you can fund your Graphcard account is by making use of their sister site at VTN. Open another account with them using the same details (not compulsory) you used when opening your Graphcard account.


Adding funds to your VTN account is simple, log on to your account, at the left navigation menu, click on the “List of Banks to Add Funds” link to get their Nigerian bank account details. After payment has been made, log on back to their website, at the left navigation menu again, locate and click ‘Confirm Bank Deposit’, fill the form with the transaction details which you can find on the deposit slip you paid with, and your account should be funded within 24hrs, if not less.


4. Fund Your Graphcard Account.

As soon as your VTN is funded, log on back to your graphcard account, click on the ‘Add Funds’ link at the top of the menu, this will take you to a page, click on the VTN link that shows up, follow the instructions and your Graphcard account will be funded immediately in dollars.


5. Get Your US Address.

Log on to your account, then click on the Get a us address link boldly displayed on top of your account, choose the lowest plan which is either silver or bronze. Follow the rest of the instructions, and your US address will be registered and emailed to you within 24hrs. Log on to your account after 24 hours or less, and you will see your address boldly displayed for you on the top of the page.


You can use this address to register with the various affiliate network you work with. Once your payment is ready, your cheque will be mailed to Graphcard (LFR Communications, Inc.) who will then help you clear it and credit your account graphcard accordingly.


6. Then, Withdraw Your Money From Graphcard.

You can either request for a bank wire if you have a domiciliary account. I recommend Guaranty Trust Bank, or request for a western union money transfer to be collected at any designated bank, or request fund to be paid back into your VTN account which you can easily cash in your local bank account.


To do any of these, log on to your graphcard account, and click on “Withdraw Funds” on top of the page, choose the option that best suits your need, follow the rest of the instructions to get your money.


  • https://nonyet fred

    My main man sir, am really impressed with how you proffer solutions to peoples problem on how to make money online. You are the man of the century. May God continue to give you more power and wisdom. Though I have made you my mentor. I have u on my bbm sir. I want to kick start the blogging stuff.
    Thanks in a million sir

  • Uju

    Pls what do u think of payoneer cards? Can I use it to cash click bank payouts? I’m trying to start a new blog that can make money, I’m technologically inclined… I also like entertainment. What do u think I should lean on

  • Henry

    Hi Adesoji,
    I have opened a graphcard account, secured a virtual address through graphcard. I have also secure a dedicated mail box. Do I need to get a dedicated US phone number before opening an account with clickbank. Wont getting a telephone extension be okay.

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      You can get an extension. That would be okay.

  • Nkiru

    Thank a lot for clarification on this issue. You’ve lifted my burden on this. Clickbank and Paypal have been a burden for so many Nigerians wanting to transact online. I’d like to know if you have any idea on how to open a paypal account in Nigeria. I see many proffering solutions online but in doubt which is real and which is a scam? Being that you’ve been an online marketer for some time now you’d be able to differentiate and at least proffer a solution.

  • komolafe

    I want to ask dat is it a monthly subscrition or when i ave paid 1600 is it all or i will be charge again pls replay me my number is 0…..

    • Adesoji

      It is a monthly subscription. I advise you pay only for the months you need their service

  • Nse uwechi

    Thank for this information, i really want to make money in clickbank but i dont know . pls help me out.

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  • fisherman

    Adesoji what type of account should i choose when registering for the graphcard? Am being charged up to 45 dollars when i chose online business account and they are talking about a card. Plz clarify me.

    • Adesoji

      Choose Personal Account. You only need it to receive affiliate payments not for selling online

  • fisherman

    Wow!!! This is awesome. This is the best explanation i had got on this topic. U are amazing. If other Nigerian’s could do same, no one could succeed scamming innocent Nigerians online. Thanks a million for your good work.

  • Godwin Emmanuel

    Adesoji, I am impressed by the effort you have put in making the Nigerian internet users to know that it is possible to join Clickbank from Nigeria. Your approach are simple and I believe with your explanation I am convinced that it works. Thanks and God continue to provide you with wisdom and understanding of the workings of the internet marketing.