AdDynamo Paid Content: Get Paid to Produce Content for Advertisers

With the recent improvement in Ad Dynamo, here comes AdDynamo Paid Content. This enables you to produce quality content on your blog and get paid for it. To get started, you need to make your website or blog available for advertisers to explore via Ad Dynamo’s platform. You will get content requests from advertisers which you need to consider each publishing opportunity at your discretion. You will also need to negotiate your own price with the advertisers.

AdDynamo Paid Content

ad-dynamoIf you own a blog or website your can now get paid to produce content for leading brands. You determine your price, you choose the briefs from brands that you’re comfortable with. Paid Content offers publishers a new revenue stream.

To get started, log into your Ad Dynamo publisher account and if you don’t have an account yet, you will need to create one. After logging in, click on “Paid Content” on the header. To submit your blog for paid contents publishing, click on “Manage Websites for Paid Content”.

I’ve just added this blog and it is pending approval. You can add as many blogs or website you have. Ad Dynamo will evaluate them and approves whichever one they choose to. After approval, you will be given a script by Ad Dynamo to add to your website or blog. This script will help Ad Dynamo monitor the paid content on your blog.

Other ways you can earn money blogging as a publisher with Ad Dynamo are;

- Sponsored Tweets: You simply earn incomes by Tweeting for advertisers. If you have a Twitter account, you can participate as a Twitter Publisher with Ad Dynamo. Get paid by advertisers to promote topics you support.

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- Publishing Ads on your blog or website: With this, you submit your blog to Ad Dynamo. After it’s approved, you will need to create ad unit, copy the code and place it on the location you choose on your blog or website.