AdDynamo Sponsored Tweets: Get Paid to Tweet about Issues you Support

Ad Dynamo operates a global pay per click advertising marketplace. Founded early in 2009, Ad Dynamo has quickly established itself as a key role player in the online advertising space. Invenfin (a subsidiary of Remgro) is a Venture Capital fund and holds a stake in Ad Dynamo, along with the original founders.

ad-dynamoEarlier today, I got a mail from Ad-dynamo about their new site. The mail is as follows;


Hi Adesoji Adegbulu

I’m pleased to announce that the new Ad Dynamo site will launch at 3pm GMT today (3rd August, 2012).

Please bear with us as this may cause some limited disruption to the website, not exceeding 15 minutes. Ad Delivery will not be affected.

Some new features worth mentioning:

Sponsored Tweets
Publishers can link their Twitter account & get paid by advertisers to Tweet. Advertisers can access influential Tweeters in real-time and instantly launch viral Twitter campaigns.

Integrated Campaigns
Seamless access Ad Dynamo Contextual, mobile, premium, and social functionality from one common dashboard.

Less Pink
Responding to many users, we have reduced the amount of pink on the website.


Sean Riley
CEO, Ad Dynamo

From the email, you will notice that they just incorporated ‘Sponsored Tweets’. So how does this work?

If you have a Twitter account, you can participate as a Twitter Publisher with Ad Dynamo. Get paid by advertisers to promote topics you support.

To get started, simply register as a publisher on Ad Dynamo.

Link Twitter – After logging in, go to My Account -> Twitter Acount where you can link your Twitter account to Ad Dynamo.

Once you’ve linked your twitter account, you will receive email notifications every time an advertiser has loaded a campaign for you to respond to. Accept or decline the brief & set the price you want to be paid. Simple!

Play nice! The success of this service relies on remaining authentic.

Here’re a few simple guidelines.

1. Be Authentic. Only endorse products or services you actually believe in. Remain true to yourself.

2. Be Yourself. Tweet the way you normally would, in your own language.

3. Be Picky. Don’t participate in Sponsored Tweets too often. Advertisers will pay you a higher price if you can demonstrate that you have influence, and that you’re not simply a ‘gun for hire’ that Tweets about any old thing.

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