How to Advertise Your Online Business Offline

Many online outlets for advertising are saturated with similar ads. Visitors who comes to the site are bombarded with similar offers, leaving them turned off or simply overwhelmed. For this reason, advertising offline, where viewers are less likely to have just seen a similar ad related to Internet marketing, is perhaps one of the best ways to ensure that you grab the reader’s attention. This can prove more effective than online advertisement.

In today’s post, we will consider this tactic of advertising your online business offline.

How to Advertise Your Online Business Offline

1. Create and Post Flyers

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to market offline is to create and post flyers about your online business where people would see it. This people must be your targetted audience. They are the kind of people you would want to have as your customers. This works particularly well if you do it on a college campus; or in an area where there is a lot of foot traffic, and where it is also free to post advertisements.

If you want to make your flyers especially effective, you should include rip-off tags that contain the URL of your site, so that passers-by can take one off for future reference. This method can be especially potent if you combine it with Internet-based resources. For instance, you could use to locate college students who live in various areas in Nigeria and then offer to pay them some fixed rate (perhaps N500) to help you post a stack of posters or flyers in various positions around their campus. As a means of ensuring that they’re actually doing it, you could require them to take sample picture of
each flyer posted with a camera phone; and then submit it to you.

2. Create and Give out Bumper Stickers

Another simple, inexpensive and friendly method of advertising offline is creating a bumper sticker with your site’s URL and some interesting graphics on it. You can do this using a site like Once you have created the sticker (or have hired someone to do the design work for you), you can simply order one online, slap it on your car and wait for the traffic.

One good way to extend this method further is to hire other people to drive with the bumper sticker, too. You can use ask your friends and those who believe in what you do to help you put the stickers on the cars. And if you are considering hiring people to do this, when you accept applications, you will want to ask how many miles per month they drive; and where they drive most frequently. Additionally, you will want them to periodically provide you with pictures of the bumper sticker, so that you can verify that they have kept it on the vehicle.

You may see this as simple, but are you doing it? Even if you think it is so simple, give it a trial for one month and see how the traffic to your site will shoot up. This is a good traffic generation method. Only do this when you have something to offer. This is so that you will have returns on your invest of time and money to advertise offline.

What other ways can someone advertise his business offline apart from the two ways above? Feel free to share your opinion and you would be contributing to the growth of people’s online business. If you are doing it, there is no harm in telling others too.

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