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This is Why You Should Advertise with Sharetori

Sharetori is a social sharing network for sub-Saharan Africa. They provide support for spreading information about local business, news, video, and social causes. Users that help spread the trend will be paid when they share information about your product or campaign. The truth is, there are so many publishers with sharetori that are ready to help you share your tori (spread the word) about what you advertise BUT there are only few advertisers.

If you have a product to sell or a service to render, then you should consider advertising it with sharetori. This is why I recommend that you should advertise with sharetori (go through the image below and see why).

Why Advertising with Sharetori

In the image above, you’ll notice how Sharetori will help you grow business product and or services. You adverts get to be share on popular social sharing websites and also displayed on publishers’ blog. It doesn’t cost much to advertise with Sharetori. I once spoke with one of the advertisers (BringItBay) and he confirmed that advertising with sharetori is worth the investment. I’ll also be advertising with Sharetori very soon.

To get started, simply go to Sharetori Advertisers’ page to learn more. If you need assistance with advertising, please let me know via the comment box provided further below.

Also, you can place your adverts on this blog if your target market is the same as what I offer on this blog. You can find more information about advertising on this blog on the Advertise on Make Money Online Nigeria post.


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