Alli Temilola Waliu ~ Nigerian Blogger of the Week

Meet Alli Temilola Waliu who is also known as Temilola Globalwalyy. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria several years ago. He is a website programmer and a blogger. He owns two good blogs which you will get to know later in this post. Temilola Waliu is our Nigerian blogger for this week. You might be the next person to be featured on this blog. If you wish to be featured as a Nigerian Blogger of the Week, please contact me via the contact page and I’ll respond to you.


Alli Temilola Waliu the Nigerian Blogger of the Week?

Alli Temilola WaliuAlli Temilola Waliu started blogging in 2009 with a free blog on blogspot dot com. He was very good with copying and pasting. Simply, he started as a “Copy and Paste Blogger” like so many bloggers do now. He did that because all his intention was to make money online like he saw most people do. But guess what, he actually made the money with Google AdSense on his blog. However, upon receiving his AdSense check, he was banned by Google from using AdSense. He cried, got frustrated and deleted all the blog post.

After few months later, he started CashDove dot com where he decided to start writing himself and stop copying and pasting. Few months after he started, he was able to make real money with Affiliate Marketing but not with Google AdSense. Real money in the sense that he was able to use the money he made. He also made money helping other people to build up their blogs.

Alli Temilola Waliu owns two blog right now, CashDove and HealthSaveBlog. CashDove is a tutorial blog (hosted on blogger) where he writes so many tutorial on WordPress, Blogger, how to make money online etc. HealthSaveBlog is is latest blog which he started November 2012. HealthSaveBlog focuses on health issues and ealthy living.

Alli Temilola Waliu is one of the most improving bloggers I know in Nigeria. If you blog in the health niche, you can connect with him via;

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You should also visit his blog – Healthsaveblog (HSB) and subscribe to get more updates sent to you via your best email address.

If you have further questions you want to ask Alli Temilola Waliu, please use the comment form below to ask your questions, he will gladly reply you with answers.


  • chukwuka

    Why monetizing his blog only with affiliate and not Google AdSense? Or is he scared of being banned the second time by uncle Google? Once bitten, twice shy. Mr. Aliu, please broaden your source of income with other monetization method and bullshit Google like i do. Thank you as am on my way to see what you have for me in your blog!

    • Temilola Globalwalyy

      Hello Mr Chukwuka, am not focusing only on affiliate marketing, but as we all know putting all your egg in one basket is surely a way to live a dangerous life
      Thank you for your kind comment…

  • Temilola Globalwalyy

    Hello Adesoji, Thank you very much, you are really doing a wonderful job here