The Amazing Social Media Guide for Nigerian Business Owners

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Dear Business Owner,
I truly want you to answer some questions:

Are you confused about the numerous Social Media sites coming up now and don’t have a clue on how to go about them for your Business?
Are you guilty of SELLING! SELLING!! SELLING!!! on Social Media?
Are you wondering why your Presence on Facebook or Twitter isn’t generating any Sales for your Business??
Are you willing to discover the truth from someone who REALLY knows how to get your business on the front page of Google, having achieved success with her own business?
Are you tired of sharing content that nobody “Likes”

Well… if you are excited and answered with a resounding YES 8-) , then the next ten minutes will reveal to you exactly what your Business has been missing out.
Social Media = Increased Traffic, Targeted Leads, Higher Conversions and Profitable Customer Relationships

Here are Social Media Facts you probably didn’t know:

52% of consumers say they have stopped following a brand on Facebook because the information it posted had become “too repetitive and boring.”
Facebook has recently hit 1 Billion Users…..WOW!!!
92% of retweets are based on “interesting content.” Only 26% are due to inclusion of “please RT!” in the tweet.
4.8 billion people now own mobile phones. Just 4.2 billion own a toothbrush.
Social networks and blogs account for 23% of all time spent online
Businesses with blogs generate 67% more leads per month on average than non-blogging firms.

Social media marketing is taking the Business world by storm. If you have spent even a little time building your business online you would have heard from the marketing gurus that Social Media for your business is a skill that you must master to be successful in the new economy.If you’re lost about taking the next step in Marketing Online Successfully – then Social Media is the most effective marketing tool to help you dominate your market.

Let me Introduce myself to you

My name is Titilayo Ama, A Nigerian, a Business Blogger, A Social Media Consultant for Nigerian Businesses, A Digital Marketing Diva and the Co-founder of Spread Media (An Online Expansion Platform for Nigerian Businesses). I’ve got a great passion for helping Nigerian Businesses expand Online by using Awesome Digital Marketing Strategies to achieve this.

I get unhappy when I see that Nigerian Business Owners are not making use of the awesome tools the Internet has provided them with. With this, I took time, The Social Media Guide for Nigerian Businesses tagged “How Social is Your Business” to practically show Nigerian Business Owners the way to go. This is one Guide that will keep you excited while you learn.

I Adesoji Adegbulu recommend that you get a copy of The Amazing Social Media Guide for Nigerian Business Owners now!!!

You can thank me later.