How to Run an Automated Information Marketing Business

If you really want to make more money from information marketing, you need to automate it. This is simply because only those who get small sales can effectively manage a none automated information marketing business. It is easier to manage a business where you get one or two sales in a week. If you make more sales or you intend making more sales, then you should automate your information marketing business.


Automated Information Marketing Business

Today, I want to let you know how to run an automated information marketing business. By “automated”, I don’t mean a business you set up and go to sleep and expect millions in your account. What I mean is that you set it up in a way that you only need to spend between 1 – 2 hours per day to RUN it. It is like a system you put in place with a lot of work so that it can give you enough rest later. And, because you’ve set it up before, it generate lots of cash on its own. All you need to do is to keep it running. This is what some people refer to as “autopilot” i.e. once a plane is in the air, the plane continues to fly itself in the air. The only time the pilot touches the plane is when he wants to land the plane in an airport.

The process of running an automated information marketing business is very simple. You need a system or tools. The system or tools is what is referred to as “Autoresponder”. An autoresponder is a piece of web software that helps you do two major things with your information marketing business. It helps you a. Build your list of prospective customers and, b. Send emails/newsletters to the customers on your list. The autoresponder is a very powerful that you need if you want to succeed in internet marketing business (or other internet business).

With autoresponders, you can write several emails in one day and schedule it to be delivered several days in the future while you do some other profitable things the other days. With autoresponder, you can also automatically send free products & gifts to the people on your list anytime they sign up or later in the future.

The question now is, what or which autoreponder should you use? There are so many useful and useless autoresponders all over the internet. If you find one that is useful for you, you can use it to run your automated information marketing business. If you want me to recommend to you the autoresponder I use on this blog, you can ask me using the comment form below and I’ll respond to you. Also, remember that we are talking about information marketing business, and if you are doing a business, you should NEVER use free autoresponders except you are trying out the autoresponder for some days.Don’t ever use free autoresponder.



  • Caleb

    The thing about using autoresponders is knowing what messages to send out and when. We often waste much time trying to figure out not only how to work an autoresponder but also what to say in those messages and this does not even factor in the squeeze page designs and just the correct flow of an email marketing sales funnel…