4 Basic Business Blogging Etiquette

Blogging is cool. Blogging is fun. Blogging is good. The truth is, so many people in the blogging world don’t see blogging as cool, fun or good. The main reason is simply because they do not get the good results others get. So many people find it hard to enjoy the full use of blogging. I’ve been there, done that. To help many people change their blogging experience from bad to good, I am making available 4 basic culture for blogging as a business.

1. Keep it Fresh (and Short)

blogging-jobsAs compelling as your blog may be, if you don’t keep it fresh, your audience is going to lose interest. Update your blog several times a month at the minimum. Better yet, try to add to your blog weekly so your audience will know it hasn’t been abandoned. And don’t try to write a very long post. A short post is fine. Instead of writing a long and boring post, make sure you do it in parts as a series.

2. Link, Link, Link

No matter what site, article or other blog you refer to, you should embed a link to your source. Not only is it polite, it’s what makes the blogosphere tick — the cross-linking and cross-fertilization of hundreds and thousands of blogs. And of course it’s what draws the search engines to your blog. Be sure to refer to the specific, permanent link — or permalink — if you’re referencing another blogger’s post.

3. Stick to A Niche Topic

While it’s tempting to sound off on the topic of your blog, don’t do it. An effective business blog focuses on a subject that’s useful to your audience. You have lots of things to say about your niche. Find them out and present them in unique ways to your audience.

4. Have Fun.

It’s hard not to, once you get into the swing of blogging. Imagine…a business communications vehicle where you can tell it like it is, avoid endless rounds of editing and approvals, develop a distinctive writing voice and style…and still generate leads, attract media attention and brand your company or organization as a thought leader.

Have fun at what you do. That is the spirit. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, there is no way you will want to improve on it. Do blogging business with lots of enthusiasm.

The 4 basic etiquette above will help you a great deal if you really follow them squarely. I hope you would do so. I’m not making this available for information sake alone but mostly that you will use this to improve your blogging experience.

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