How to Easily Become a Bulk SMS Reseller and Make More Profits

You can now easily own a Bulk SMS Reseller store with FREE 1000 units of SMS credits and a registered domain name of your choice. As a BULK SMS Reseller, you can purchase more SMS credits and benefit greatly from the ongoing promo with up to 30% SMS bonus anytime you make SMS purchase. The bonus SMS has no expiry date. In this post, I will show you what you need to become a bulk SMS reseller and make more profits.


To Become a Bulk SMS Reseller…

What you need to make available is just a registered domain, purchase 1000 units of SMS credits and a SMS Reseller store will be given to you for FREE. Once the store is created, you will then link the already registered domain name with the store created for your and you have a reseller Store of your own Bulk SMS business immediately.

What are the Benefits of been a Reseller?

• You can set your OWN prices, customize your Reseller web store as you want it to be, upload your logo and manage your users.
• Your customers will be able to buy SMS on your store by paying to your bank account.
• You can set up your website to give new clients/customers free SMS credits which will be deducted from your Store’s SMS balance.
• You will have administrative access to the store and can as well check logs and statistics of your store.
• No need for web-hosting.
• You will have a functional Bulk SMS system
You will be able to use your Bulk SMS Reseller store to cheaply advertise online and offline.

To Get Started

You have two options by which you can get started. You are free to choose whichever is convienent with you. It is a choice you have to make.

Option 1: I will help you setup your bulk SMS reseller website. This includes getting the domain name, confirguring the reseller store to work with your registered domain name and also get you the free SMS credit. If you want this option, please and act on Let me Build your Own Bulk SMS Reseller Site (Click on it to have it open up in a new tab/browser window)

Option 2: You can do it all by yourself. This means you will be able to do all the setup and configuration yourself. This option is cheaper compared to the first option. Most people I have told about the Bulk SMS reseller goes for this. This is because they can afford to learn while doing the setup and configuration. If you want this option, please and act on How to Start Your Very Own BulkSMS Site (Click on it to have it open up in a new tab/browser window)

If you have any question, please feel free to ask using the comment box provided further below. You will get a response as soon as I get your comments.