Online Business Tip: How to Make the Best Use Of Your Time

You will never achieve what you want to achieve if you do not manage your time effectively. I learnt this bitter truth from experience. People get swept away, reacting to the life they created, and they stop creating a better and better life, or business. So once every week, you are going to focus your meeting on maximizing and saving time.

Making the Best Use Of Your Time

To-do List

Time is moneyDo you have the list of things that each person is supposed to get done each day? Do you have special projects that you are taking on in small incremental chunks, and are there lists of how and when this time is going to be spent. You know what they are. The big things that will really make the difference, but aren’t in process right now.

Studies show that only 20% of your time is spent on the things that actually produce results. Hence, if you can focus 80% of your time an high-results producing activities, you can virtually quadruple your productivity.

Goal Setting and Time Management

Goal Setting, is where you set up a three-month plan but, Time Management, is where you break down the big plans into daily plans. You’re reading this because you are the type of person who wants to improve and grow. My question is, if the way were pointed out that would really make a profound difference, would you actually take the action to do it? Do you agree with everything we’ve said so far? Does this sound like something you can do? Is it something that you will do?

Ray Watson built IBM into a $50 billion business on one laser-like focus: He didn’t sell; he worked on HOW sales would be made. He didn’t program, he worked HOW to maximize the programming effort. He was like a sculptor, sculpting his business. That’s what YOU need to be, if you’re serious about building a bulletproof business.

If you read all this and do nothing, than you’re fooling yourself, because this is all based upon what the best businesses do. If you want to continue to work hard for your business, instead of getting that business to work hard for you, then, by all means, ignore the things that have worked for every single company who has applied them.

To build a great organization, you have to start taking all the goals and plans and create structure in your organization. One of the key traits of very successful people is that they use what we call The three P’s . Planning, Procedure and Policy. More on this later. Do you think this makes any sense to you? Then leave a comment.

Joy Akinlolu.