BlackBerry Messenger Beta, AdSense Responsive Sites and Facebook Posts

This is the online business news for August 3rd, 2013 featuring BlackBerry messenger beta for Android and iOS phones, Google AdSense for responsive sites and Facebook embeddable public posts. I hope that you’ll find this news useful for your online business.


BlackBerry Messenger Beta For Android And iOS Users

BlackBerry Messenger app for Android and iOS which was announced at BlackBerry’s Live 2013 Conference by BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins is now available for testing on Android and iOS with a select group of people, suggesting that the full release for each platform is just around the corner. This move brings the chat and video client to a wider smartphone audience, although, a very risky move on the part of BlackBerry. The BBM beta is available only with an invitation from the BlackBerry team and currently requires Android OS version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above, while the iOS version runs on iOS 6 and higher. [Read More on BlackBerryOS]


New Google Adsense Ad Unit For Responsive Sites

The new Google Adsense ad unit for responsive sites was launched so that sites which automatically adapt to different screen sizes can have adaptable Google Adsense. The new units use AdSense’s asynchronous ad code, and developers can use the same kind of CSS media queries they are used to from building their responsive sites to build these responsive ad units. According to Google, it means companies can add new ad sizes that automatically will fit into each device. [Read More on TechCrunch]


Facebook Embeddable Public Posts

Facebook has introduced embeddable posts that lets blogs and news organizations include status updates, videos and photos in stories, which works the same way as “Embed” on YouTube. Once your account is enabled, it would produce a code you can embed the post into a blog entry or HTML file, although the post must be set to public first. [Read More on Mashable]


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