How to Get Your Blog Indexed Quickly

If you want your blog to be indexed quickly in the search engines and provide a steady stream of organic traffic, try this powerful idea. It would help you get your new posts indexed on Google quickly

BlogRSS Directories hold millions of links to websites and blogs and are some of the most visited websites on the internet. By adding your blog’s RSS feed to the RSS Directories, every future blog post you add to your blog, will automatically be added to the RSS Directory. And that means it could potentially be seen by thousands of visitors and your blog will receive a powerful backlink from the RSS Directory.

You only have to add your blog’s RSS feed to the RSS directory once and everything is set up to work automatically.


You can submit your blog feeds manually. One of the best RSS Directories for rankings is:

Every time you add a blog post to your blog, the RSS directory FeedAgg will be automatically updated and provide your blog with a powerful backlink which helps rank your site and gets your blog indexed very quickly.

You can add your blog’s RSS feed to these other RSS Directories:

Powerful tip: You can also add all your blog category RSS feeds to the RSS Directories.

However, don’t add all these RSS feeds in one day, otherwise Google may think you are trying to ‘spam’ the search engines. Just submit your main blog feed to all the RSS Directories on one day, then a day later add one of your category feeds, then a day later, another category feed, etc.

Remember you only have to submit your feeds once and from then on, everything is automatic.

The good thing about the RSS Directories is that you can add your feeds from your Twitter account, Facebook, Ezinearticles and numerous other sites. That way you are building a huge network all linking back to your blog.

Google and other search engines will rank your blog higher in the search pages when someone searches for your chosen keywords. That way you will receive more organic and natural traffic and the more traffic you get the more chance you have of building relationships and making more sales.

Try it. It does make a difference.

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