Top 13 Types of Blog Topics that Gets Huge Traffic

The major problem faced by all bloggers is generating huge traffic consistently to their blogs. I generate huge traffic consistently to this blog because of the niche in which this blog belongs to. I also generate traffic writing quality contents. In addition to those, I also generate huge traffic based on the blog topics I use. In this post, you will find out the blog topics that will get huge traffic. You can start using them to increase the amount of traffic you get to your blog.


Blog Topics that Gets Huge Traffic

TYPE 1: Top 10 Lists (or Top 8, 6, 12, 33, whatever you’d like) showing:

- A number of ways to do something (E.g. “Top 10 Ways to Blog Like a Pro”)
- The best reasons to do something important (E.g. “Top 8 Reasons to Switch from WordPress to Blogger”)
- The steps required to do something (E.g. “Steps to Download the GTBank Mobile Money Application“)
- The most important rules of doing something (E.g. “Top 6 Must-Follow Rules of Guest Posting”)
- The list of blogs/bloggers (e.g. “Top 45 Blogs in Nigeria“)

TYPE 2: Myth busters that dis-prove common thinking. Try this:

- Identify the common perception (E.g. “Why you Don’t Need Capital to Start an Online Business
- Illustrate why something is incorrect or not always correct. (e.g. “Why WordPress is not better than Blogger”)
- Show the better alternative / truth. (E.g. “10 Reasons Why you May Never Make Money Online Consistently“)

TYPE 3: How tos & instructional content. Here’s a writing tip:

- Use bullet points to show each step. It makes your content easier to read and to write. E.g. “How to Order Items Online At Cheap Prices from Nigeria

TYPE 4: Seasonal content. Tie your content into different times of the year, holidays, etc. For example:

- Articles based on the season/weather (“Tips for Beating the Heat When Pregnant in the Hot Summer Months”).
- Content to help people cope with stress around busy holidays (“9 Tips for Dealing with Stress During the Holidays”)
- Grab a calendar and see what’s coming up this month and then write a post about it.

TYPE 5:. Resource lists. People are always on the lookout for great resources. You should always share them with your readers.

E.g “21 Sources for Free Stock Photos”
E.g. “My 18 Must-Read Beauty Blogs”
e.g. “33 Websites that Pay You to Write for Them

TYPE 6: Product reviews that may include:

- A succinct, yet detailed list of features.
- Your objective opinion about the product (durability, quality of information, quality of output, user experience, etc.).
- Price comparisons from different sellers.
- Feature & benefit comparisons for similar products.
- Add visual elements, including products from different angles, highlighting different features.

TYPE 7: Interviews and/or stories are easy to put together. Try:

- Interviewing an expert or celebrity in your target market.
- Have someone interview you. Write stories about your own experiences, relevant to your topic/target audience.
- Write stories about other bloggers
- Use relevant stories. Stories are very powerful for showing proof, illustrating concepts.

TYPE 8: Commentary on someone else’s content. Whether it’s a blog post, an article or a product review, content on another site is a great source for creating your own original content. You can find a popular post on someone else’s blog then you write your own opinion about the popular post.

TYPE 9: Having fun and entertaining your readers and visitors. You don’t have to be a serious educator all the time. Have a little fun. Here are some examples:

- “8 Reasons Programmers Don’t Have Fun”
- “Why I Like Reading People’s Blog”

TYPE 10: Turn popular jokes into jokes about your own niche. An example is “Why did the Mashable Cross the Road?”

They can be fictional (and be sure your writing indicates it) that illustrate typical experiences/pitfalls, etc. that your target market encounters (Ex. “Meet Sue. She gets up every morning at 5:30 for work. She gets in her car, battles traffic for an hour and finally arrives at her office, where she sits at her computer for the next 4 hours. At lunch, she grabs a quick bite at the fast food joint……..Sound familiar? You’re not alone…”).

TYPE 11: Share stories about your clients, where appropriate. Don’t use names without permission or give away any confidential details.

TYPE 12. Case Studies. These are kind of like stories, but they specifically demonstrate how your product or service has helped every day people. Include:

- Your clients’ testimonies (with permission of course).
- How you faced a problem and solved it.

TYPE 13: Ask questions that will make your readers want to read the post content. Also, you can make a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) posts that answers the questions asked by your readers.

- Include questions your readers and customers commonly ask.
- Include answers to the questions you anticipate them asking.
- Include questions that lead readers to your products as solutions.
- Ask controversial or thought-provoking questions on your blog.
- Ask questions on twitter or Facebook and publish the answers (giving credit to the sources).

I hope this helps? If you have further questions please use the comment box provided further below to ask and you’ll get a response.


Originally posted 2013-08-05 19:55:08.