7 Types of Corporate/Business Blogs that Makes Money

Making money online goes beyond just setting up a blog. It involves more about what you do with or on the blog. Consider your blog as an online shop. If you do nothing in the shop, you get mo client. No client leads to no business transaction. And where there is no business transaction, money does not come into view. That is how it is. No worries, scammers will tell you otherwise that you can just setup a blog and start making money online. Even with Adsense, it doesn’t come as easy as that. In this post, I will show you the 7 types of blogs that makes money and why you should start any.

If you have built your blog effectively (please count free blogs out of this), it’s time to step it up to become a corporate or a business blog. To do this, you must be ready to work based on your previously set business goals for your blog. After which you need to choose which corporate/business blog from the following that are listed further below that suits your set goals.


What are the types Blogs that Makes Money?


1. CEO blog

The CEO blog is the blog authored by someone from the company’s top management. The general trend for such blogs is to publish analysis of the main events in a certain filed, forecasts and statistics, this content pattern thus positioning the author as a thought leader. Often times this type of blog will be strongly related to the company brand, its products and services.


2. Entrepreneur blog

Similar to the CEO blog in what the editorial style is concerned, the entrepreneur blog is set apart by a significantly larger volume of information relevant to the author’s field of expertise and by diary-type entries describing the ongoing projects the entrepreneur is focusing on at the time.


3. Multi-author company blog

Several authors – company employees from different departments – publish content on this type of blog, each of them writing articles that cover their area of expertise. Often times these types of blogs turn into blog communities aggregating content published by individual, single-author blogs.


4. Department blog

This type of blog is almost exclusively authored by leaders in certain company department and it is focused on the activity and expertise of said department.


5. Employee’s blog

This is the semi-professional blog of one of the company’s employees and it will use the company’s brand and image to promote the author as a guru of his field. The content of such a blog focuses almost entirely on job related topics.


6. Product/Service blog

This type of blog is dedicated to a certain product or service provided by a company, and it’s meant to help promote it, create a community around it and obtain feedback from the customers.


7. Human Resources blogs

Although not a very common type in the corporate blogging world, the HR blog is characterized by its efforts to present a company’s team and the events they attend as casually as possible, thus opening the company up to potential employees who might be attracted by what they are being offered and the light atmosphere in the office.

Now that you have seen the corporate/blog types listed, which one do you use and why do you use it? Please share your comments so that many others can also learn from yours. And of this is your first time, you will need to make sure that the blog type you choose matches your goals and the resources you have!