This is How to Boost Your Blog’s Traffic

In making money online, TRAFFIC is essential. It is the same for other type of business too. Imagine how much people make from the traffic on Lagos roads. With increase in the traffic you get to your blog comes the opportunity to make more money blogging. Conversion of the traffic will then become the next thing to do. Before then, I would be showing you what you need to do to boost your blog’s traffic. You can learn this and get started today..


How to Boost Your Blog’s Traffic

1: Where to Start

- Relate effectively with the visitors you have now.
- Build Loyalty by creating quality contents that solves people’s problem.
- Engage with your readers. Ask and answer their questions. Reply their comments etc.
- Offer subscription medium on your blog.

2: Get Off Your Blog

- Use Facebook effectively. Search through Facebook Applications and use the ones that will improve traffic to your blog e.g. Networked Blogs
- Use Twitter applications that will also improve the traffic to your blog e.g. Twitterfeed
- Be part of the Forums people visit regularly and offer help e.g. NairaLand, Google Baraza, Naija Voice etc
- Get a profile on LinkedIn and use it professionally
- Write for Blogs that has a higher page rank than yours. Submit your blogs to blogs sites.

3: Get More Google Traffic

- Keywords and key phrases. Use Google Adword Tool to generate keywords before you publish a post. You will find phrases people search for which you can use as your post’s title
- Keyword research
- Create effective landing pages on your blog that gives new visitors an opportunity to come back and read your blog.
-Links: Link your blog externally and internally. By external, i mean link word or words in your posts to sites with great content. By internal, i mean link word or words in your posts to other posts on your blog.
- Read alot about other ranking influences

4: Advertising and Syndication

- Use Adwords to advertise your blog
- Use Facebook to advertise your blog
-Submit your blogs to RSS, Aggregators and Syndication and syndication sites
- Make Guest-Posting a lifestyle.

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