How to Build an Income Generating Blog from Scratch 3

People who go on to the internet, go for one reason. The reason is to find information related to what they are looking for. They go to Google or MSN or BING and conduct a search to see what information is available for free or to buy. Once they do, they copy it or print it out if it’s free or they make purchases if it’s not free.

This post is the third in the series on How to Build an Income Generating Blog from Scratch. You can read the first and second series through the link/URL below;

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And now to the third in the series…

What people enter in the search criteria is called the ‘keyword phrase’. For instance, if you performed a Google search for “holidays in Dubai”, then you have just used the keyword phrase “holidays in Dubai”. After you did your search you may not like or find what you are looking for, you may perform another search. For instance, “holidays in Nigeria”. That would be another keyword phrase. Google records all the keyword phrases people have entered everyday for the past few years and you can tap into that information to find out what the best keywords you should be using for our chosen niche.

Keyword analysis is so important because if you use the correct keyword phrases then you have a much better chance of our blog being displayed on the first page of Google. Once you find the best keyword phrases to use for our chosen niche, you should use the phrase in your domain name. You will understand this better later.

There are three rules that that makes a great keyword phrase. These are;

#1: 90% of keyword phrases get no traffic. When creating your blog you MUST ONLY target keyword phrases that have significant traffic to make it worth the time and effort.

#2: 90% of keyword phrases have very POOR profit potential. You MUST ONLY target keyword phrases that will bring you in CASH, NOT just traffic.

#3: Unfortunately, for most bloggers, 90% of most keyword phrases are simply TOO COMPETITIVE to appear on the first page of Google.

Taking those 3 key rules into consideration, you have to do some research to find the best keyword phrases for your blog. You should be looking for 5–10 keyword phrases associated with your niche. Your keyword phrase should be attracting more than 100 searches per day, have less than 100,000 blogs/websites using it, has a high number of searches as possible, has high number of sales as possible, has low number of other blogs/websites using the same keyword phrase as possible

Remember, your aim is to have 5 – 10 keyword phrases related to your niche. You can get all these solved by using Google Keyword Tool. It is what most bloggers use daily. To know how to use the tool, you should watch the 2-part videos through the links below. The videos would teach you how to find keyword phrases

After getting your 5 – 10 keyword phrases, you need to pick your primary one. Choose the one that has a high number of searches, a high selling amount and the lowest competition. These should be one that sums up your niche.

Go get to work!

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