How to Build an Income Generating Blog from Scratch 4

I assume you already know what type of market and what your niche is and also that you have chosen the best blogging platform. After getting that done, the next thing you need to do is buy a domain name – a website name related to your market. Choosing a domain name for your blog is very important. Getting the right name is crucial. It needs to be part of your brand, your ad and the length of the name should not be too long.

If possible you want it to include some of the words from your primary keyword phrase. Here are the most popular domain name dos and don’ts that works.

Top Domain Name Don’ts:

1. Don’t use excessive dashes in the domain name.
2. Don’t use unrelated phrases in the domain name.
3. Don’t use too many keywords in the domain name.
4. Don’t repeat the primary keyword in the domain name.

Top Domain Dos:

1. Do use the primary keyword phrase in your domain name.
2. Be as specific as possible for your keyword phrase (use long tail keyword phrases, i.e. phrases with more than one word).
3. Place the primary keyword phrase at the beginning of the domain name.
4. Include commonly used related phrases in the name like “news”, “tips”, etc
5. Use top level domains like .com, .net, .info, .org, .us,


How to find the best Domain Name

Step 1: Go to and conduct a search using your main primary keyword phrase.
Step 2: You will see a list of available domain names related to your primary keyword phrase.
Step 3: Choose the best one that relates to your niche and keyword phrase from the list of available domain names. If the “.com” is available, always pick it. But “’.biz”, “.info”, “.org”, “.net” or your local country domain are fine.


How to Buy a Domain Name and Hosting

After choosing your choice domain name, you need to buy it and make it yours before someone else does. The good thing is that, you can buy the domain name and the hosting of the domain name with the same company. They do everything for you and it just makes things easier. Like I stated in one of the previous part of this series, you will get WordPress software for free. WordPress has some hosting requirements. This can be Linux or Unix based machine or PHP version 4.3 or greater MySQL version 4.0 or greater. Without these hosting features WordPress will just not work.

To buy a domain name and hosting that gives you all the above mentioned, you should got to Web4Africa. All my blogs are registered with Web4Africa. I also use Web4Africa for my clients. Web4Africa offers a tool called “Fantastico” which you would use to automatically install WordPress.

At the time of writing, a basic hosting account (which is all you need) will cost you less than $5 a month including a free domain name registration, unlimited emails, bandwidth etc. Remember you only need a basic hosting account. When you purchase your domain and hosting with Web4Africa (click on the name to go to their site), you will receive an email from them detailing how to log into your hosting account. Please keep that email safe for future reference, as it will hold details of your account names and passwords.

Go and get this done as you are getting set to build an income generating blog. If you need any help in getting your domain name and web hosting, you can seek help from me and I will gladly put you through. Also, if you don’t want to go through the stress, I can help you take up the stress. Read this post to find out how I will help you.

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