Best Practices for Building Effective Linkedin Company Pages

LinkedIn is one of the top social media channels you can use to improve your online business brand and sales. One of the ways to do this is building effective linkedin company pages for your online business. This is a good way to go. At the time of writing this post, linkedin is one of the best social media sites where you can also get more leads and sales for your business.


Building Effective Linkedin Company Pages

Traffic to your websiteTo get more leads and sales, you need to follow these tips for building effective linkedin company pages;

1. Write your company’s description to include keyword rich text that resonates with the product or service descriptions. This should also contribute to Linkedin’ network search visibility. This is so that Linkedin users can easily find your pages when they conduct a searc related to what you have.

2. Identify a daily posting sequence in effort to establish consistent brand messaging. Choose your update frequency and when it’s the best time to post updates. Be consistent with this.

3. Add the RSS feed feature that will auto-populate blog content from your company blog and directly onto the Linkedin page each time a new post is published on the blog.

4. Enable “Show News” option about company in order to publish articles within stream section. This tactic helps create authority for your brand.

5. Add “Specialties” section (also known as keywords) to ensure that company page acquires search traffic through LinkedIn network

6. Utilize “Overview” section for lead generation by linking it to a landing page on your company blog. Leads generated on your linkedin company page can then be captured on your landing page.

7. Optimize “Products” section for search visibility by including keyword rich text in product and service

8. Add a short video to your product page describing the benefits of your business. This would be very useful for leads who prefer seeing things in action.

With these 8 best practices, you would be able to build effective linkedin compnay pages. However, in addition to tese, you still need to be able to gain more followers to your linkedin compnay pages. Here are few tips you can use to gain more followers for linkedin compnay pages.

Growing your company followers is essential because it increases your company visibility. Your updates will be seen throughout the Linkedin community and can easily be shared. Follow these tips to gain new followers;

- Add a ‘follow our company on LinkedIn’ call to action with the company page URL to your email address and in any other promotional materials you use to market your company.

- Add a follow button to your website or blog. LinkedIn makes it easy with a line of code.

- Share your company news and updates consistently on the linkedin company pages. With these, more people interested in your business will start following your compnay pages. Utilizing a social
amplification tool such as GaggleAmp can automate this process and have an immediate impact on reach.

- Follow company pages of industry peers, partners, customers, and prospects. Commenting, liking, and sharing of updates from these sources can get your company immediately on the radar around the most relevant conversations that are already taking place.

Do you have linkedin company pages? If yes, what other ways do you use for building effective landing company pages? Kindly share them for others to learn from. And if you have a business you want to improve on and you don’t have a company page on linkedin yet, make sure you start it now.