How Profitable is Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria?

I received lots of emails from some of the Make Money Online Nigeria’s readers asking me how profitable is bulk SMS business in Nigeria. I am using this post to provide answers to their questions. Before we get to the answers, I’ll like you to know that bulk SMS business in Nigeria has been in existence for years, and it’ll always be in existence as long as there are people who still receive SMS on their phones.


Is Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria really profitable?

It’s a simple answer. Bulk SMS business in Nigeria is still very profitable. However, some don’t make profit from the bulk SMS business. This is because of their approach to the business. Or, it may be because of their misconception about what they really need to do to make real profit out of bulk SMS business.

BulkSMSIn order to give answers to how profitable bulk SMS business is in Nigeria, I asked few people who owns a bulk SMS business in Nigeria and they gave me their responses. You will find out how profitable is owning a bulk SMS business and what you can do.

“It is more profitable when big companies are using your bulk SMS website. The bigger your subscribers the more money or profits you make” – Vincent Okolie, GeneralSMS

“It is a game of numbers. The more customers/clients you have the more profit you make. Also, the major factor is having a stable but reliable service with assured delivery” – Medugu Sunday, KudiSMS

“It is very profitable if you have your own gateway and not reselling for some other bulk SMS business owners/sites.” – Emmy Mabs, CompleteSMS

“If you have lots of money to buy in really large quantity, it makes profits roll in faster.” – Ajayi Oluseyi

“Ofcourse bulk SMS business is profitable when you are a reseller, have your own bulk SMS site, buys from a reliable sms provider etc.” – Ebenezer Omotere, philmoreSMS

“With adequate marketing, it is profitable.” – Adebola Oni, IdeaSMS

“There’s a lot of competition out there and also price under cutting going on. If you can differentiate yourself, and advertise enough then you can make money/profits – averagely N10,000 every month… and it can go up from there.” – Francis Onuchukwu Okaformbah, SMSmarketingportal

“It is profitable if you have many buying customers.” – Bello Abdulhaleem, Sms20kobo

I’m sure that you have taken note of what you need to do from the responses. In summary, Bulk SMS business in Nigeria is profitable if you own the bulk SMS website, get lots of buying customers, price your bulk SMS effectively, market your bulk SMS business efficiently and getting your bulk SMS from a reliable source.

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If you have further question, please use the comment form below to ask and you’ll get a response. And, if you own a bulk SMS business, I’ll be looking forward to read your thoughts and ideas about how profitable is bulk SMS business in Nigeria.


  • Anonymous

    YES I categorically that bulk sms business in Nigeria is very profitable but there are a few things to know to get the money rocking. One of the posts there said “You make more money when you have you have your own gateway and not as a reseller” CAPITAL NO! You make money when you have paying customers and this can only be achieved through marketing. Just like other business, if no one knows about your business, nobody will patronize you so you have to promote it for people to know about your bulk sms business.

    In business, you will make money in hundreds, Thousands, Millions, Billions etc. The best deal is to start now, know you are in business, keep expanding and you will make it, don’t even wait till when you have plenty money to buy large volumes or own your own website. Start as small as you can & you will make more money to expand. This was how we started our million Naira bulk sms business. Just a humble opinion from experience.