How to Make Money as a Bulk SMS Consultant in Nigeria

As a BulkSMS consultant, you will be able to help businesses, companies, corporate organizations, churches, schools etc reach out out to their customers or loved ones using BulkSMS services. With BulkSMS, thousands of messages can be sent at ONCE with you choosing any DESIRED NAME which you wish to display on the receiver’s phone as the SENDER’S NAME (name of the company, church, school, business etc).


If Telecommunication companies, Banks etc can be using such Branded SMS with the name of their banks, appearing on our phone whenever they send such messages, then, there is no doubt that any companies/businesses will not like to use such service to promote their businesses. Also, from current statistics over 60% of Nigerians use GSM phone daily.

So, How Do You Make Money From This?

There are currently over 100 different ways through which you can make MONEY from this. To make money from this business, you must first know how it works. It is very simple to send bulksms. It is just a matter of logging in to the site, fill in the forms and then click SEND. Once you know how it works, you must then be able to come up with a list of your target customers, which may include:

** Churches and Mosques
** Companies
** Schools (especially, private schools)
** Supermarkets
** Hospitals
** Clubs
** University Departments
** Computer training schools
** Wedding Announcement and Invitations
** Events and Meeting
** Birthday Announcement and Invitation
** Special Seasons Greetings
** Political Campaign and Awareness(VERY HOT)
** Product Launch and Sales Promotions etc

You can find many of this target customers in your immediate environment and that is why you should not let this business pass you. Remember, the successful ones in life are those that grab opportunities when they come by. Once you know your target customers, then you should come up with a proposal letter in which you will let your target customers understand why they should use bulksms. This proposal letter must be compelling enough so that anybody who reads it will find it irresistible to patronize you. You can use Microsoft Word to type your proposal letter and if you want to make it more professional, you can use letter headed paper, if you know how to go about it.

To start this business, follow the steps below:

1. Make a list of your target customers (i.e churches, businesses, schools, supermarkets etc).
2. Get your proposal letter ready.
3. Take your proposal letter to your target customer and use “word of the mouth” to explain better.
4. You can also issue a CONTACT FORM in which your target customer can use in collecting phone numbers (Optional)
5. Negotiate your price for the service. You must consider how much you will be buying the sms from your SMS provider. If you buy at the rate of N5.00 per sms, nothing is bad selling it at N10/per sms.
6. Get your money, phone numbers, the message to be sent and the SENDER ID to be used, from the target customer.
7. Buy the number of sms needed from your sms provider using part of the money collected from your target customer.
8. Get the sms sent and keep your profit. Don’t forget to send copies of the sms to your client.
9. Reuse the profit to get more money and get more deals with more companies, churches etc.

You can buy your Bulksms at cheaper rates depending on the volume of sms you are ordering for. All these won’t work well if you don’t have a compelling proposal to offer your clients. Your proposal gives you a hedge over others and tell them why they need to make use of your own services.

DO YOU NEED READY-MADE PROPOSAL LETTERS THAT CAN RAKE IN UNLIMITED MONEY TO YOUR ACCOUNT? Then order for my “BulkSMS PROPOSAL LETTERS PACKAGE”. This package contains DIFFERENT PROPOSAL LETTERS for different target customers. It contains proposal letters for :

* Churches
* Schools
* Businesses
* Companies etc

This proposal letters are letters I have been using to make cool money from Bulksms business as a Bulk SMS Consultant. If you order for the proposal letters, all you just have to do is to edit it, put your name and your contact info, using Microsoft Word. Then take it to your target customers. By the time you drop copies of these proposal letters to all the churches, schools, businesses etc in your locality, there is no way you will not start making money from this simple and cool business.

It is the PROPOSAL LETTERS that will determine if you will be patronized or not. So, if you do not have a compelling, mouth-watering proposal letter, that means you might lose the sms contract to another Bulksms consultant. One lovely thing about this business is the fact that you can do it during your leisure time and after getting back home from work. I love multiple streams of income and I am sure you too will like money coming into your bank account from different sources. Remember, to make REAL money online, you must have SOMETHING to sell.

Each Proposal letter costs N500 and you can only order for at least ANY TWO of the proposal letters. This means, you will have to pay a minimum of N1, 000 to get any TWO of the proposal letters.

You can get all the proposal letters for N1, 500. Simply send a mail using the contact form below to make a request for the proposal letters and I’ll get back to you.

Please make sure you state your full name, email address, your full location, your phone number(s), your occupation and the title or the name of what you want. Please, be rest assured that your information is safe with us. We just need your information to know who our customers/clients are…


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Originally posted 2011-04-21 19:00:15.

  • Anonymous

    Nice tips Ade. Bulk SMS business is one of the most profitable and simplest businesses anyone can do to make money in Nigeria. You can make steady monthly income from bulksms when you apply the right tactics.

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  • Adeyeye oluwaseyi

    Pls i want to knw more abt the sms stuff,i mean how to get it into operation because am a novice abt it and i realy want to knw more before i can make an order for the proposal letter.