What is a Bulk SMS System?

This post is one of my question and answers post. I wouldn’t have written about it but I had to simply because some people has been asking me what Bulk SMS is all about. In this question and answewr poet, I’ll do my best to explain what the Bulk SMS system is, the features of a Bulk SMS system, how bulk SMS works, how to send bulk SMS messages at once, how to earn more money like I do with bulk SMS system and more links to help you get started.

Bulk SMS System

SMS is an abbreviation for “Short Message Services”. While ‘Bulk’ refers to ‘many’ or a combination of the same type of things which when combine together becomes a ‘bulk’. A Bulk system provides an easy and cost effective platform for disseminating and communicating information from the internet to Mobile phones, instantly to hundreds and thousands of clients/contacts to different networks within and around the globe, with a reduced price per SMS.

What Are The Features?

- ID Branding: Messages are sent with your preferred/customized name.
- Quick Delivery- Messages are delivered instantly (or as scheduled by you) to all network recipients (provided their network is available)
- Reduced/Flat Rate/Price- messages are sent at an agreed subsidized flat rate to all networks in any part of the globe.
- The Fastest way to communicate information to your contacts, locally and internationally.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple. It’s sending SMS over the internet to mobile phones. You will need to subscribe/register with a Bulk SMS company. Registration is usually free for some companies. However, when you register, you would need to buy enough SMS units (credits) to send messages, you’ll need to recharge your account with them. All these can be done online or even in their office. Also, different Bulk SMS firms have different prices per SMS (credit) unit. And after this, you would have access to use your bulk system where you can easily send bulk SMS’s from the internet to people mobile numbers.

How to Send Bulk SMS Messages

To start sending Bulk SMS, you need an internet access. You also need a recharged bulk SMS account with your preferred units (credits). If the two requirements are met, then you can start sending bulk SMS messages to your numerous clients just with the click of the mouse. This you would see in your bulk SMS account.

How to Earn More Money from Bulk SMS Business

Making money from bulk sms messages is simply buying SMS units for cheap sand selling the same for more. The other way round is that you can become a SMS consultant but the truth is, you are either selling bulk SMS yourself or you are helping someone of your clients to do the sending.

To learn more about how to earn more money from Bulk SMS Business, please check out the URL/Links that I have placed below. I’m sure they contains the information you need to get started right away…

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- Let me Build your Own Bulk SMS Reseller Site


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