Two Business Marketing Secrets You Need to Know

Success is a very relative thing to measure. Success for one may not be the same to another. Level of success presents itself in a hierarchical manner. Once we attain a certain level, we yearn to go on to the next. For someone who is starting to establish his own small scale business, dreaming of becoming big someday is inevitable.

business-marketing-secretsNo one really wants a stagnant state where day to day progress is almost nil. Strategies and methods to attain a targeted business development are abundant in the internet but some are superfluous and a few are indeed significant.

In this short and important note, you will learn two of the main business marketing secrets you need to know to be successful.

1. People buy what other people have.

Indeed, one of the reasons why you purchased a certain product is because it was endorsed by one of your friends or a celebrity that you liked most. In a psychological point of view, people tend to always yearn to belong – either belongs to a group or to a certain social status. Price and quality may not be the primary factor that buyers consider these days when purchasing a product. What they consider is the benefit they’ll derive.

Benefit such has, will it keep me in this so and so social class? Will it be useful for me? amongst others. They also consider what an item tells about them. That is to say that having a particular item can identify someone into a social group or elevate someone to a particular social status. One simple example is that so many people buys blackberry phone simply because their friends have.

2. Think Big, Write Small.

This must be the most challenging part of advertising: carefully choosing and combining few words to encompass what the company has to offer. Making it short will help buyers remember it more vividly. Memorizing three or four words in a raw do not require much energy. But in case there is a need to make it longer, then you can adapt some psychological principles in unlocking how the brain works. Apply mnemonic devises.

People can remember something with much ease when the words are carefully chosen and arranged into a rhyme, or into an acronym of something well known, or when the words are associated with an item that is widely known. Use of rhyming words is commonly used and is even converted into jingles.

People like me don’t have the time to read a very long sales message. There is no time to waste anymore. You business marketing sales page need to be short and sharp, straight to the point.