How to Charge per Tweet with AdDynamo Sponsored Tweets

For starters, AdDynamo sponsored tweets is a means whereby publishers can link their Twitter account & get paid by advertisers to Tweet the adverts. Advertisers can access influential Tweeters in real-time and instantly launch viral Twitter campaigns.

In simple terms, individuals and/or companies advertise their stuffs using the sponsored tweet function in AdDynamo, publishers sees this, draft a tweet and set a bid for the advert. The advertiser gets a response and then ignore accept, reject or reply the bid. If the advertiser accepts the bid, the advert is sent to the publisher’s timeline and he/she gets paid. If the bid is rejected, nothing happens and if the bid gets a reply, publishers needs to make amendment.

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So, how should you charge per tweet with AdDynamo sponsored tweets?

Before I tell you know, yesterday I used the AdDynamo sponsored tweet to advertise a contest post on this blog. I got diverse *sickening* bids from AdDynamo publishers. So, I decided to do this helpful post about how to charge per tweet with AdDynamo sponsored tweets. See the screenshots below for some of the bids.

addynamo sponsored tweet
addynamo sponsored tweet
addynamo sponsored tweet
addynamo sponsored tweet
addynamo sponsored tweet

From picture 1 – Don’t be stupid! Get a Twitter avatar (a real picture for your profile) and get over 50 thousand followers if you want to charge that high.

From picture 2 – Don’t charge too low. If you have like 7,599 followers, you should be charging between $10 and $25 per tweet.

From picture 3 – Don’t bother using the addynamo sponsored tweet if you wouldn’t be including advertisers links and message in your advert draft. No sane human being advertise to lose money.

From picture 4 – Don’t lie. The advertisers know what is right. (The contest I advertised is still running and this guy said he already won.

From picture 5 – Try not to charge above what is to be advertised. Advertisers are not sure if their adverts will convert. Charging above what is to be advertised will cause your draft to be rejected.

Now, you have seen how to charge per tweet with AdDynamo sponsored tweet. When next you get a notification of advert, do the right thing and what your twitter earnings increase. These are some of the things I adhere to as a publisher who also makes money with AdDynamo sponsored tweets.

Have you or do you make money from AdDynamo sponsored tweets? If yes, please share the method you use with other readers using the comment box provided further below. Someone is waiting to learn from your experience.


  • Tobi

    This is a good write up, i really do all this but it seems advertisers are not ready to pay at ones desired price. Or what do you think ?

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      Yes, Tobi. Some of the advertisers still think publishers bid price is to much for them to pay

  • kulhead

    Love this post, i have been looking for something similar to this, i can now have a clue on how advertiser think, thanks man

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      Good thing Kulhead,

      You welcome

  • obinna

    i’ve been submitting bids, but none have ever been approved. thanks for this tip.

    my question is, if i eventually get approved, will i be notified?

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      You won’t be notified when your draft gets approved, but you will see the tweet on your twitter timeline and you’ll also be credited by AdDynamo for the approved tweet

  • Oluwayomi

    This is a wonderful tip, I have been wondering how to charge advertiser per sponsored tweets. Thanks for sharing this info.
    Lately, Addynamo sponsored tweets is not being used well by advertisers. This might be maybe because I doesn’t give good results.
    Anyway, I am yet to get a tweet because most of the ones I drafted are yet to be approved.

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      Glad that you like this post. About it not giving good results, have you advertised using the sponsored tweet before?

      I do advertise with it and it’s giving me good result.