Get Cheap BulkSMS for Fast Christmas Greetings with SMSBolt Nigeria

If you have been looking for a way to get cheap BulkSMS, then you have come to the right information. You will not only get cheap SMS, you will get free SMS if you quickly act on the information you will get to find in this post. Also, you can order for Bulk SMS as many as you want so that you can successfully market your products, your services, your programs, your seminars etc.

You can also use the Bulk SMS to send greetings to your friends, families and loved ones on the first of every month, during special Christian and Muslim holidays or whenever you want to pass across a message to many people. You do all these cheaper with SMSBolt’s Bulk SMS services instead of using N5 per SMS to send SMS to people using your same GSM network or N10 per SMS to people using GSM networks different from yours. With SMSBolt, you will get to send SMS to all your clients, friends, families and loved ones as low as N1.80 to whichever network they use.

SMSBolt is a Nigerian company owned by a Nigerian. We help individuals, businesses, organizations, companies, political candidates achieve their networking, marketing and relationship aim by providing them with one of the best SMS and BulkSMS services. The BulkSMS services is instant as our name implies. We deliver on time just like you want it and we are capable of reaching as many people as you want with our high tech platform.



Why not BulkSMS with us and use of services to reach your goals of networking, marketing and relationship building. We are always available to quickly serve your needs.

How to get started…

This is simple, just go to https://smsbolt.com.ng/?cmd=_register~ and register an account with SMSBolt Nigeria. Once you do, you would get an instant 5 FREE SMS credited to your account. You need to be fast about this before the SMS dedicated for this freebie finishes.

After you do, you should also check out these pages on SMSBolt Website.

For Prices, go to https://smsbolt.com.ng/?cmd=_prices so that you can order for bulk SMS as soon as possible. This would help you do whatever you want to do either for personal use or for business use.



For countries covered, go to https://smsbolt.com.ng/?cmd=_coverage so that you can places where your SMS can reach. This would help you a great deal in the sense that you can send SMS to countries outside Nigeria instead of making calls.


Please Note: You too can get a BulkSMS site like SMSBolt Nigeria for just N 10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira Only). If you are interested, please send a SMS message containing “I need a 10k BulkSMS site to me using the conact orm below. You will get a reply from me on what you need to do next.

4 + 3 =

If you have any question, please feel free to ask them using the comment box provided below. You will surely get a feedback from me as soon as possible.

To your success

Increase exposure and sales for your stuff

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