Top 5 Christmas Season WordPress Plugin

It’s few days to this year’s Christmas. It’s not early to start saying “Season Greetings”. If you use WordPress, it’s time to either switch your WordPress theme to a Christmas like theme or better still, use some Christmas Season WordPress Plugin to spice up your blog for Christmas. To help you use some of the best, I’m compiling the WordPress plugins you need to try out on your blog. You might not like all of them but you will surely find some very useful.

Here are the Christmas Season WordPress Plugin


This plugin create Christmas snowman Wish everyone a Merry Christmas! And have beautiful falling snow flakes on the blogs. Get it here –

Christmas Message

This plug-in helps you setup a custom message with cool graphics for all your visitors. This message can be a welcoming season’s greetings or may be a news for the new attractions on your website. It’s like putting up a placard and be assured to grab your visitor’s attention. Get it here –

Christmas Countdown Clock

Christmas countdown clock showing days and hours until Christmas day. Select from several designs, sizes, animations and backgrounds. Get it here –

Snow Storm

Snow Storm display falling snow flakes on the front of your WordPress website for a festive presentation.. Get it here –

Snow, balloons and more

Snowflakes (and more) falling down your blog! There are snowflakes, leaves, drops – and balloons that can float upwards. You can simply add more images in the pics folder and they will appear on the settings page. Get it here –

What other WordPress plugin do you use or think will be good to use this Christmas season? Feel free to share them using the comment box provided further below. Also, you can find more of plugins like this on WordPress’ Plugin directory

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