3 Steps to Coming on board A2W this Month

In this post, you will find the steps you need to take for you to become a distributor with A2W and get access to the benefits ONLY available to registered members of A2W. First, I need to make you realize that what pays you the most is to start off with a product that gives you 100ppv. This is either the privilege pack or the Property Pack. Having that at the back of your mind, find out and follow the 3 steps you need to get registered.

Here are the steps…

STEP 1 – Make a Decision

Decide which A2W Product/Service you desire and how many vouchers you want to buy.

A2W Privilege Pack with FREE Oven

Package Inclusion: Exclusive access to a login Privilege Pack Login page with 1yr access. Please, read more about the privilege pack and what it contains.


Economy Pack + 10 Bonus Gifts + CUG + Don Failla Book

Package Inclusion: Exclusive access to a login Privilege Pack Login page with 1yr access. Please, read more about the economy pack and what it contains.

You can also make a choice from these new products/services

Special Privilege Pack 1
Special Privilege Pack 1a
Special Privilege Pack 1b
Special Privilege Pack 1c
Special Privilege Pack 2
Special Privilege Pack 3
Special Premium Business Pack 1
Special Premium Business Pack 2
Special Premium Business Pack 3

STEP 2 – Register and make Payment

After making a choice of the A2W product/service you want to buy in order to come on board, you need to register your details. To fill the registration form, please go to A2W registration page, choose your country and then fill in your details appropriately. You will need to specify the type of product/services you choose to buy. You can choose from any above but I recommend you choose the privilege pack.

After which, you can choose your preferred payment method and make payment. (Write down your Teller number when making payment). You can pay in US Dollars to A2W’s bank accounts or pay in Naira into A2W bank accounts.

STEP 3 – Confirm your Payment
After you have made your payment, you will need to enter your details into the A2W payment confirmation form. This will enable A2W to identify your payment and transfer the Pre-Paid Vouchers that is equivalent to the amount you paid to you.

Those are the 3 steps to coming on board A2W this Month. Please, pay attention to the following. To get the account details and the A2W payment confirmation form, please send me your A2W username, your full name, your email address, your country and your mobile number. These are the details you used when registering via the registration link above. Please, use the comment form further below to send the details to me.


9 + 2 =

After receiving your details, I’ll reply you with the A2W payment details, the link to the A2W payment confirmation form and I’ll also assist you to complete your registration and also be available to help you succeed in Avenues to Wealth.