How to Configure your Domain Name for Google’s Blogger Service

Recently, most people who’s blog are on blogger but used a custom domain name registered with Web4Africa were experiencing some problem. Most of the problem is that they couldn’t access there blogs. I’m a witness to this simply because I helped some people to configure their blogs with a custom domain name. If you are experiencing this kind of problem, you will find what you need to do to configure your domain name that is registered with Web4Africa.

You are reading this because you have a blog with Google’s Blogger service and have registered a domain name with Web4Africa that you intend to use with the blog.

For your domain name to work with Blogger, Google requires that your domain name be pointed to the following DNS records:



You can easily do this from your Web4Africa’s account. First, you must make sure that the domain name is pointed to the following nameservers:

To do this, please log into your Web4Africa’s account. Click on “Domains” and select “My Domains”. On the new page, you will see “Manage Domain” beside the domain name you want to configure. Click on it and then click on “Nameserves” on the new page. You can then change the nameservers.

Web4Africa Nameservers

When you click on “Management tools”, you will see “Manage DNS”. Make sure you change the DNS records and make it look like what is shown in the image below:

Web4Africa DNS records

After doing this settings, wait for at leaset one more day then setup your domain name via the settings on blogger inorder to use the domain name.

If you don’t know how to setup your blog at blogger. so that it can work with the custom domain name you registered with Web4Africa, I can help you do it immediately. To access help on configuring your free blogspot blog to work with a custom domain name, you either get The Complete Guide on How to Change Blogspot URL to a Custom Domain Name or you get to know How to Change your Blogspot URL to a Custom Domain Name

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Originally posted 2012-08-06 17:00:54.

  • Tabitha

    Hello AdeSoji,
    I have several domains with Web4Africa
    I would like to point one of them to our facebook page whilst we set up the website
    How do I do that please?
    Thank you

    • Adesoji

      Hello Tabitha, you will need to first add the domain you want to point to Facebook as an addon domain from your cPanel. After which you will then use the redirect function (in your cPanel) to redirect the domain name to your Facebook page

  • Bryant

    Please i just purchased my domain name from web4africa and i dont know how to find the settings for “forward domains”,i really need you to tell me how to go about that.

    • Adesoji

      Hi Bryant,

      Could you please re-read this post. I’ve just updated it with what you need to do to find the setting to forward your domain to blogger

  • obene joy

    pls can you help me configure my domain name i regisered with web4africa?

    • Adesoji

      Yes, I can help you out