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Guest posting on big blogs like Make Money Online Nigeria will help your blog in so many important ways. One of such important ways is that your blog will become recognized by so many other people. In addition to that, you would be relating and networking with more bloggers and those interested in online business. Also, one thing that you may not find on other big blogs is the ability to pay those who’s post are published. Anyway, there are few blogs that pay it guest bloggers. You too will get paid if your blogs meets up to the requirement and if it ends up being published.


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So, how do you get this started?

Guest Posting Details


First and foremost, I need to say thank you for your interest in writing for as a guest blogger/author. As you might have known, our main agenda on Make Money Online Nigeria is to teach people especially Nigerian how they can start making real money online legally. And this we achieve by publishing posts related with making real money online, creating successful online businesses and also creating wealth. To this effect, your guest post must fulfill this agenda and provide our readers the opportunity to make real money online, create successful online businesses and also create wealth. This is the kind of guest post we are looking for.


Guest Posting Life Cycle


If you have articles/guest posts that meets the agenda above, feel free to submit them for our review using the contact form further below. Please note, many people have been and will be showing interest in guest posting on The earlier you submit your guest post, the earlier it gets published. Once you send in your guest post for our review, we will look it up as soon as possible. After we do and we find your post useful, you would get mail from us informing you that your guest post has been scheduled for a certain day and time. This would help you get prepared for it’s publishing.



Take note of this, like I stated earlier, you would be paid if your guest post is published on You would get paid through Google AdSense sharing. For this, we would need your Google AdSense publisher’s ID and a channel ID. We need these so that we can input them on the plugin we use to monitor the AdSense sharing. So every post of yours that get’s published on Make Money Online Nigeria will have your AdSense Ad displayed. And you will earn from AdSense. To monitor this, we recommend that you create a new 336×280 text and image ads in your Google AdSense account. Also create a channel for the new AdSense ads in your adsense account and name the channel “MMON Guest Post”. After you do, copy your publisher ID and the channel’s ID in a notepad. We would need it.



If you don’t know how to create a channel and/or get the channel ID, don’t worry. All you need to do is to create a new 336×280 adsense unit. An example is below. You will see your publisher ID and the ads channel ID in the example below.


google_ad_client = “pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” ;

/* 336×280, created 1/3/10 */

google_ad_slot = “YYYYYYYYYY” ;

google_ad_width = 336;

google_ad_height = 280 ;



From the example above, your Google AdSense Publisher ID will be where 16 ‘X’ is while the Ads channel ID will be where 10 ‘Y’ is. So copy that somewhere and follow the remaining thing below.


At this point, I’m sure you have understood the type of guest post we are looking for. Also, I believe you have understood how you will get paid for every of your guest posts that get published after we have fully reviewed it. So, it’s time you send in your guest post for our review. Please note, you are required to send the following details as soon as possible using the contact form below;


- Your Full Name
- Your Email Address
- Your Blog/Website URL
- Brief Description of your blog/website
- Brief Description of yourself
- Your Guest Post Topic
- Your Guest Post Content
- Your Google AdSense Publisher ID
- Your new 336×280 AdSense Channel ID


If you have them ready, them use the contact form below to send them to us



We would send you a mail to acknowledge our receiving your details and guest post. After which you will receive further mails from us.

Once again, thanks for your interest in submitting guest posts for our review and publishing on Make Money Online Nigeria. We are glad to have you as one of the contributors to the success and greatness of Make Money Online Nigeria. And if by chance or arrangement, you know anyone that needs to learn how to make real money online in Nigeria, you should send them to and also, you can refer your friends to also submit their guest post. This would help them use Make Money Online Nigeria as a leverage to earn more with Google AdSense.


To your success
Adesoji Adegbulu

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