How to Create Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Sending one-off emails to friends and family works great, but it doesn’t work well for marketing. Each email you send out should fit in a greater scheme, and they should all work toward a common goal. Today, you will learn how to create effective email marketing strategy that would help you grow your list and bring you more sales.

For example, you can create an email series that highlights the “7 Secrets to Success in Dating.” Each week, you can send out another email packed with data, stories and links relating to one of the secrets. At the end of the series, you can ask recipients to buy your book, attend your show or come in for a special discount. The emails work together, building anticipation along the way and culminate with a call to action.

EmailMarketingYou can do the same thing with long-term follow-up sequences, new lead education or any other marketing campaign. Best of all, you can write, create and load these emails ahead of time. As you get new leads, you can put them in whichever sequence is most appropriate.

Use Multimedia and Links

Email marketing is a good way to communicate with your list, but it isn’t always the best way to educate, entertain or sell. Including links to videos, podcasts, entertaining articles, social media campaigns, contests or surveys, however, it’s a great way to reinforce your message in a unique way. Don’t try to say it all in the email, use all of your resources together. Email is just a great way to get the word out. Different prospects respond to different forms of communication, so don’t be afraid to try different strategies.

Consistent Follow-Up

One of the major reasons small businesses fail is because they don’t follow-up with leads and prospects. In general, it takes several communications with a prospect before he/she is ready to buy. But most businesses give up after 1 or 2 emails. That won’t get the job done! Stop leaving money on the table and start following up with all of your prospects. If you can stay in front of them, educating and building trust along the way, they’ll come to you when they are ready to buy.

One of the best ways to have consistent follow-up is through an email sequence. If you put a new lead campaign, a long-term nurture sequence and a new customer campaign in place, you will see dramatic improvement in your conversion rates. The best part? You only have to write these campaigns once.

There are lots of good email marketing programs out there that you can use to consistently follow up your leads and prospects.

To create effective email marketing strategy, here is another sequence you can follow which was recommended by GetResponse – one of the best email marketing tool

Day 1: Welcome email
Day 2: Introduction to your offer
Day 4: Information on how to use your product (e.g a whitepaper)
Day 6: Users’ tips for getting maximum benefit from your product
Day 8: Frequently asked questions and customer support info
Day 10: “The social proof”: a Customer success story
Day 12: Closing message inviting further contact

In summary, to get positive response from your email marketing, you MUST solve a problem; Keep Your Lists Clean; Know your email openings Ratings; Pay Attention to Your “From” Name; Don’t Neglect Your Subject Line; Add Transactional Email to Your Marketing Mix; Improve Content with Segmentation; Improve Results with Behavioral Targeting; Know Your Metrics and Apply Them Appropriately; Fine-tune Email Frequency; Leverage Partnerships to Build Your Lists; Time Your Email Properly; Keep It Legal; Double Check Before You Hit “Send” and Improve


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