How to Create and Format a New Post in WordPress

Are you a beginner in blogging and you are finding it hard to publish your first post? Be rest assured that this post is going to help you with texts and pictures that would put you through on how to create and format a new post in WordPress blogs. One thing that pisses visitors off a blog most is reading a blog post that is badly formatted. With this post, you will learn how to correctly format your next blog post.

Once you’re logged in to the dashboard, look for “Add New” under “Posts”. (Your options will differ, depending on your level of permissions, but the “Add New” option is available for anyone with permission to create new posts. The “Posts” section is on the left-hand menu bar, and is tagged with a cute little push-pin icon. Just click “Add New” and an edit menu will open up.


Add New WordPress Post


Create a Title For Your Post

Titles should be descriptive and clear – you want your reader to be able to understand the point of your post/article. Don’t turn the title into a post, however, keep it down to a handful of words (maximum of 60 characters plus spaces). Type your title into the block directly under the words, “Add New Post”


Add Post Title in WordPress


Basic Formatting Tools

The most important tools you’ll use are here:

Note: subheadings should be in Heading 3.

Insert Subheading in WordPress

Use Bold, Italics and bullets sparingly – don’t overformat your text.



Inserting Images

First, click the “Upload/Insert Images” button.

Insert image into WordPress Post

Then, click to select a file from your computer. Do this and locate where you saved an image on your computer.

Next, choose the file in your computer’s file system.

Click “Open” to upload the image.

Select the appropriate orientation – left, right, or center justified. The text will wrap around left or right justified images.


Upload Image into WordPress post

Select the appropriate size for your image. Center-justified images must be larger, while images inserted on either side should be smaller. Thumbnails are really too small, so use larger images when possible.

Click “Insert into Post” – this step is absolutely critical.

After, you have correctly created and formatted your new post, it’s time to either publish or schedule to publish at a later time.

The above explanation is what you need for a start. It would help you create and format your post effectively. As you post more often, you will getting better and also add more professionalism into publishing your posts. You will know how to add stuffs like tags, SEO, featured image, or anything else that would make your post look more professional.

Anyway, before then, if you need any help on creating and formatting your wordpress post, please feel free to ask your questions using the comment box provided further below. I would gladly reply your questions and provide more details about creating and publishing a good looking wordpress post.


Originally posted 2011-11-27 12:00:53.

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    My major question is about writing for the right audience, when writing post on tutorial about how to and you are targeting computer users, how do you optimise your post?

    • Adesoji

      You optimize your posts by using the right keywords you know your audience will be looking for. Also, you need to make sure that the post is rich in contents related to what you are writing about

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