Ways to Create Online Wealth with WordPress

Apart from using WordPress as a blogging platform, there are few good ways you can create online wealth with WordPress. First, I must let you know that if it’s wealth you want to create, then you must get to know the ways to create it with WordPress anad also, you must be really dedicated to it. I create online wealth with WordPress locally and internationally. If I can do it, you too can do it.


Create Online Wealth with WordPress

WordPress Solutions and Services: Basic Setup

wordpress-logoYou can provide relevant advice on the purchase of domain name and web hosting, offer WordPress themes, upload, install and configure the top 10 required Plugins, create email addresses, make theme ready for AdSense and other advertising. You can charge between $50 & $200.00 for this. It depends on how much of the time and work you’ll be putting into this basic solution process.

WordPress Solutions and Services: Professional Setup

Good webhosting package, Installation of a theme of your choice, Install advanced Ping list, robots.txt file configuration, sitemap configuration, promote search engine rankings, install advanced plugins to work with themes, configure spam protection to prevent comment spam, create a customized RSS feed to promote blogs and allow users to subscribe to updates, create logos and graphics, documentation and training etc You can charge between $800 & $5, 000.00 for this.

Search Engine Optimization Service

You can provide advise for authentic Search Engine Optimization – Organic traffic and white hat SEO, WordPress Site Optimization and SEO audits, Keywords recommendation, link building and strategies for article writing, Install and configure the best SEO plugins for WordPress, Install content delivery network (CDN), Register site with Google webmaster central, SEO Friendly Permalinks, Breadcrumb navigation, On-Page SEO (Keywords, Internal linking etc), Off-Page SEO (Linkback, Authority etc). You can charge as much as $2, 000 for this.

WordPress Coaching & Consulting

This is basically training people on the use of WordPress and also providing supports. Find out if WordPress is the right platform for your clients etc, Teach on how to utilize WordPress. You can offer this WordPress Coaching/Consulting for $100.00 (more or less) per hour (2 hour minimum) In-Person, Through Email, Over Telephone, Video Conferences on Skype etc

WordPress Theme Creation & Customization

There are thousands of WordPress themes available for free on the Internet. Most of these themes have licenses which allow them to be customized to meet your needs. Theme customization to meet your customers preferences, Custom design work, theme modifications/tweaks, PSD to WordPress, replacing text logo with image; disable ‘written by’ and author info; hide time and date from the post page; add tag cloud; add widget area; customize blog layout; replace home blog page with custom page; change color scheme (images); add/remove widgets; change font name and size etcYou can charge as much as $1,500 for this.

Custom Plugins Development

Follow a detailed coding standard that ensures you deliver only the highest quality products and services. These must fulfil the requirements of your client. It takes days to develop a plugin but it is very profitable. Determine the actual needs of your clients and write a specification that they would be happy with. You can charge less than $1,000 or more than $5,000 per Plugin depending on the type of plugin.

Migration from other blogging platforms to WordPress & Conversion of Websites to WordPress

BlogSpot/Blogger to WordPress, Convert .html, .php or .asp or a flash website into a WordPress site for content management purpose. You can charge between $100 and $500 per transfer/conversion

WordPress Security Audits.

There are a lot of potential security leaks most especially on business blogs. These can come as a result of old WordPress version, plugin version, insecure file permissions, weak password etc. The security audit is specially designed for ensuring WordPress blogs are running on tight security. The first phase is security audit where you access the current security situation of a site and give a detailed report with recommended actions to take in securing the site. The second phase is security lockdown in which you will implement security measures.

Do a thorough inspection of your client’s server configuration, database, WordPress files, themes and plugins. Detailed report of your client’s websites vulnerabilities and recommendations on making it more secure. Audit & Review. You can charge more than $300 per security audit and solution.

Technical Support & Maintenance Installing and updating plugins, WordPress upgrades, and databases Database backup. Performance audit to identify bottlenecks, troublesome plugins, etc. You can charge between $100 & $5000 per support for this.