Mordern Marketing: Creating Contents that Converts

In the age of information abundance, you’re constantly competing with other sources, including your competition, for a prospect’s attention. In order to come out on top, your content must stand out. Here are four ways to ensure that your content does just that. These would help you start creating contents that converts and bring you more sales.

Be relevant and interesting

Your content should be relevant, as well as entertaining and/or educational. And in order to win the war of attention, it should be more useful, and more valuable to the reader than your competitor’s content. Lastly, it should be erorr free.

Vary content mediums

Delivering content using one medium is like fishing using one lure; you might catch one type of fish, but miss out on many others. Different people prefer different types of content, and their preference may change based on where they are in the buying cycle. So use different lures, including articles, eBooks, infographics, white papers and more.

Ensure that content is easily found

You want prospects to find you when they are in an active research and buying mode. Ensure they can find you as easily as possible through SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), social advertising, content syndication and remarketing. Also, build an easily navigable resource center on your website where visitors can browse your library of valuable content.

Personalize content across multiple dimensions

According to a Marketing Sherpa survey, the top personalization categories are industry, role, company size and geography. However, that’s just the start. At Marketo we look at things like buying stage, type of CRM system and whether they are using a competitive product. The more personalized the message is, the more effectively it will speak to your audience.

Learn more: Read the full Best Practices to Improve Content Conversion guide to learn more about content optimization as well as how Marketo’s Dynamic Content feature makes it easy to personalize your content across multiple dimensions quickly and easily.

Matt Amundson
Sales Development Representative


Originally posted 2013-06-24 09:00:56.