Creative Headlines for Your Online Sales Copy

In this post, we will consider some “fill-in-the-blanks” creative headlines. All you have to do is pick a headline from the correct category, fill in the blanks, and use it as your blog post title or add it to the top of your newsletter or squeeze page. Shape the rest of your sales copy around your chosen headline. This will help you increases sales directly or in-directly


News-Style Headlines

creative-headlines1. Reclusive Internet Tycoon Finally Reveals Secret to Success in [Name of Niche] Niche
2. [Your Business] Launches Powerful New Product that Promises to Change the Market for [Product Niche]
3. After [# of Years] Years, [Product Niche] Will Finally Witness a Major Innovation
4. New Product Shakes Up Market for [Product Niche]
5. Age-Old Secret Helps People to Become More Successful in Their [Profession/Hobby]
6. Getting Rich Doesn’t Always Have to be Hard, Says [Your Name]
7. Pioneer, [Your Business Name], Offers Solutions Where Other Businesses Cannot
8. Shocking Developments are on the Horizon, says Internet Mogul
9. [Your Business] Unveils Master Plan to Revolutionize the Market for [Product Niche]
10. Internet Mogul Claims that She Knows Why You’ll Never Succeed at [Task/Hobby/Profession]
11. News Flash: This Innovative New Idea Might Just Change How You Do Business… for


Good Question-Style Headlines

1. Are You Ready to Get Serious About [Job/Product/Task]?
2. What Would You Do If You Became a Millionaire in Just One Year? If You Get [Your Product], You Might Just Have to Answer that Question.
3. Do You Know the Secrets to [Hobby/Profession/Task]? Find Out What You’ve Been Missing.
4. Your Co-Workers Know Something You Don’t. Are You Ready to Learn the Truth?
5. Is Your Business Living Up to Its Potential? Find Out Why It Might Not Be.
6. Are You Ready to Transform Your Hum-Drum Life into a More Positive, Successful, Worthwhile One?
7. Are You Sick and Tired of [Problem #1] and [Problem #2] Preventing You From Achieving [Goal]?
8. Do You Feel Like Progress is Elusive? Like You’re Running on a Hamster’s Wheel? Find Out How to Move Forward in [Profession/Business/Hobby].
9. Are You Prepared to Take Your Future into Your Own Hands?
10. Do You Know that Two Tiny Problems Could Be Killing Your [Business/Love-Life/Career]?


Benefit-Style Headlines

1. Learn the Top Five Things that Science Suggests You Should Do to Become Successful at [Career/Business].
2. Use My Tested Methods for [Achieving Goal #1] and [Achieving Goal #2] in Just Days!
3. Finally Experience the Benefits of Using a Real, Effective, Authentic [Type of Product].
4. There’s an Important Difference Between [Your Product] and All Others: [State Biggest Benefit of Your Product].
5. Change Your Life Overnight with [Name of Your Product]!
6. Improve Your Energy-Levels, Get Healthier, and Enjoy Your Life to its Fullest Using My Proven Strategies
7. Steal My Ideas to Make Your Business More Powerful, Effective, and Better-Monetized
8. It Took Me [# of Years] Years to Learn This. But You Can Learn It In as Little as [# of Days] Days.
9. Sick of the Rat Race? Find Out How to Get Out of Your Cage Using My Patented Strategies for Being Successful in [Name of Niche].
10. Tired of Your Lackluster Ability to [What Product Does]? Make the Switch to [Your Product] and Change Everything in Just Days!


How-To Style Headlines

1. Learn How to Change Your Life and Your Career in Just [# of Days] Days Using My Proven System.
2. Don’t Despair. Find Out How to Explode Your Profits in Just [# of Steps] Simple Steps.
3. Find Out How Other, Ordinary People Just Like You Become Wildly Successful at [Career/Hobby/Task].
4. Learn How to Triple The Amount of Traffic That Comes to Your Site in Just [# of Days] Days.
5. Learn How to Transform Your [Career/Hobby/Relationship] in Just [# of Days] Days and [# of Steps] Steps!
6. Learn How the Experts Do Things. Adopt My Proven System to Change How You Do [Whatever Your Product Promises].
7. How to Build an Empire from the Ashes of Your Failed Business Venture
8. How to Improve Your Relationship with Your [Spouse/Kids/Family] without Hurting Your [Career/Other Goal]


Trigger Word Style Headlines

1. Seven Explosive Secrets that are Guaranteed to [Product’s Promise]
2. Sick of Paying Outrageous Amounts for [Niche Product]? Download Your Copy for Free.
3. You Might Be Shocked to Learn What Science Has to Say About [Niche]
4. Warning: If You Think Your Business Practices Are ‘Good Enough,’ You Might be in For an Unpleasant Surprise
5. The Fast Win Big and the Slow Fade Over Time. Learn Why The Coming Revolution in [Your Niche] Might Render Your Business [Slow].
6. The World is Changing Around You. Adjust to the Times or Face Extinction. Read On to Learn How [Your Business/Your Career/Your Family Life] Will Change… Forever.
7. Learn the 10 Dangerous Secrets that Every Successful Person in [Your Niche/Career] Knows, But You Don’t
8. Generate a Hurricane of Revenue in [Niche] Using These Secret Strategies that Even Some of the Best [People in Your Niche/Business] Don’t Know

Writing a good headline for a sale copy is never an easy task. And perhaps hardest of all is writing a good headline. Striking the right balance between enticing the reader with language and hooking them with a benefit or a question can often be very difficult.

From here, you determine your own path. You might start by using the advice any of the headlines above. Craft a few of your own, think about how you would react to them, and ask a friend, neighbor, or fellow marketer to evaluate the quality of your copy. Once you have gotten the hang of writing headlines in general, think harder about your niche in particular. Do market research if needed; and think long and hard about what the average buyer thinks like—and what that average buyer wants from a product like yours.

After you have answered these questions, grab a headline from one of the templates above; and then tailor it to your particular needs. Start by filling in the blanks, but if needed, go further and make alterations to the rest of the headline.


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