Digital Marketing with Google Tag Manager

Want to focus on marketing instead of marketing technology? Google Tag Manager lets you add and update your website tags, easily and for free, whenever you want, without bugging the IT folks. This would be of good use to your business blog. You will be able to improve on your marketing.

You can do the following with Google Tag Manager

Marketing agility

You can launch new tags with just a few clicks. This means re-marketing and other data-driven programs are finally in your hands; no more waiting weeks (or months) for website code updates—and missing valuable marketing and sales opportunities in the process.

Dependable data

google-tag-managerGoogle Tag Manager’s easy-to-use error checking and speedy tag loading mean you’ll always know that every tag works. Being able to collect reliable data from your entire website and all your domains means more knowledgeable decisions and better campaign execution.

Quick and easy

Google Tag Manager is quick, intuitive, and designed to let marketers add or change tags whenever they want, while also giving their IT and webmaster colleagues confidence that the site is running smoothly—and loading quickly—so that your users are never left hanging.

Why use Google Tag Manager?


Google Tag Manager was designed with marketers in mind, but webmasters and IT folks will love it too, thanks to features like user permissions, automated error checking, and the Debug Console.

Easy testing

The Debug Console and Preview Mode make it easy to verify that new tags are working properly, before you publish any changes. So marketers can check tags themselves, and webmasters can breathe easy.

Empowers Agencies

Multi-account support and user permissions mean agencies can easily use Google Tag Manager to help manage their clients’ tags.

Rule driven

You want specific tags to work at specific times, like when a user reaches a thank-you page after a purchase. That’s why Google Tag Manager lets you create custom rules and macros to collect exactly the right information at the right time.

Plays well with others

Google Tag Manager supports Google and non-Google measurement and marketing tags, many with built-in templates. So you can quickly adopt new marketing tools whenever you’re ready.

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